"It's always darkest before the dawn."  Stupid cliche.  But I finally understand it through experience.  You gotta hit rock-bottom before you stop facing down and can look up.  I hit rock bottom spiritually several years ago; I've just been doing my best to ignore that fact - by ignoring my spirit altogether.  Last week, for the first time in many years, I offered to do a tarot reading for a good friend of mine; he was very excited for me to do so.  After he left, I logged on to EP and left the story "Original Agnosticism".  For those of you who read it, I apologize for the sheer dark pit that it was; that was just me realizing that I had hit rock bottom, and that I had been there for quite some time.

I am still an original Agnostic, but now I can see that the gnosis is up there; it's gonna be a long climb, but by Gods, I'm gonna start crawling towards it.  I will backslide sometimes; that's inevitable.  But my desire to experience the sacred is now a motivator once again.  I started easy, reading "Celtic Wisdom Sticks" by Cathy Matthews (the how-to booklet that came with the Ogham Oracle set).  It is a multi-layered system with more meanings and interpretations on more levels than The Tarot (it's been around several thousand years longer, so it's going to have more to it through sheer history of so many people from an entirely different zeitgeist/paradigm than ours who used it), but the basics are the "simple" part to which I refer. I am going to try and maybe set up the tarot reading for my friend for Friday night.

I hope to add a few more stories to this group, ones with a more positive and meaningful message.  Thank you everyone who reads this.  And in the future, if I close with KALLISTI, please know that it is intended in it's literal translation and not with the stigma Homer attached to it; "For the Fairest" can be and IS plural, to think it applies to only oneself is hubris.  Homer, like many ancient Mediterranean people were misogynistic, and I think the bickering goddesses in his tale reflects this rather than anything else.

Blessed Be


CorazonVacio CorazonVacio
46-50, M
Apr 28, 2010