Welcome Fair Weathered Travelers

I am pleased you've brightened my doorstep today. I assume that your interest here is to see, how compatible we might be? Well, fair enough. Take some time and listen closely to my waxing tale. It sets the tone, on if we shall roam, further down the path as we, or as he is he and she is she.

The Plain Truth:
I will speak openly and honestly about my perspectives here. I ask that none be offended or "rally" to "convert" me. My opinion is not shed into the world with a negative energy. Nor is it meant to harm or discourage others from following their truths. Having said that I am most interested in seeking like minded others more than enjoying the camaraderie of ‘sameness'.

To state myself plainly, I am a Witch. I was born that way. There is no other way for me to be. I wasn't brainwashed, high jacked, or had my "eyes opened" by some form of cult derivative one way or the other. I am tired of getting asked, "At what age did you become a witch?" I now must throw down the Pre-Gardnerian label, sigh.

Pre-Gardnerian not neo-pagan:
My educated opinion on modern wicca, neo-paganism, and the lot, is nothing more than "christianizing" what is commonly called Witchcraft. It keeps close to its christian ties with concepts of ‘good and evil'. I do not follow their ‘practices and rituals' as laid out by Gardner in 1950 when he organized this particular religion. Witches do not abide such labels and is why we get upset when lumped into this philosophy. I am a spiritual being not a religious one. My Craft is a sacred, all encompassing way of living.

Practitioner Differences:
Witches, are shadow dwellers, healers, and understand and interact with all forms of nature. People who practice wicca are about the ‘shout outs', wearing their label like a badge (or a cross), and having political causes. I liken it to a never-ending Woodstock festival. Witches are quiet watchers and doers. We do not scream, "We are Witches!" We understand such behavior would lessen our effectiveness. We do not make our own bidding, as ego is a large inhibitor. We work quietly and patiently with the knowing that the tasks we are meant to perform will come.

I've observed that wicca gets very focused on form, correctness, and ritualistic rights and wrongs. Much the way of the hardcore bible thumper. They are cunning in their promise of ‘things' while doling out misinformation and folklore about The Craft to get you to "join". Witches are Witches and we need not "join," only enjoy the learning and company of others such as ourselves to better learn and in turn serve. I am not a disillusioned christian as I have found to be the case with most wiccan and satanic practitioners.

I am a Witch.

Of my particulars I will speak another day. I found it most important to get this out of the way. Offended of this you should not be. Come, sit, and have a talk with me.
Arcanum Arcanum
41-45, F
7 Responses Jan 18, 2008

How well I feel the words which you have written, for far too long Have I ran into these religious peoples whom claim to have the real power. I love this that you have written. Many shall read and only a few will truly understand. This is the beautiful.

I too enjoyed ur story,I dont know where I fit into thus<br />
as a very young child,my mother would tell me that we have certin powers,thu she never said what those powers were.<br />
She wanted me to find my own plane and follow my own powers,the first time I relised I had some kind of powers,was in the war,Viet Nam,When even in the field an was in some kind of danger,I would get a warning,a tiger all black would show herself an let out a cry,This power saved my life countless times. thank u for sharing with us

I totally agree about the witch vs wiccan label. Sometimes I'm not quite sure why I write that I am a witch/wiccan? Especially as I practice alone and I am a Heriditary witch and at present have no intention of joining a coven. Too many politics etc. in wiccan covens for me. I've only just finished writing about it on my intro story, if your interested in reading it? As I only joined on this site a couple of hours or so ago.<br />
<br />
Anyway I really loved your story.<br />
<br />
Blessed Be from Isis Luna )O(

I adore your poetic writing style. I wasn't neccesarily brought up a witch but in an open minded home. My mom seemed to have few witchy traits to her. I have similarly always avoided labels. I haven't studied a single group that I would like thier labels attached to me. I am free. I have my own spiritual connections and knowledge I've found in my lifetime. That knowledge is sacred to me. Thank you for your words. :)

I hope ur still here. U see i know am a witch. Yet i here wicca i cring i felt that was not my way please if ur still here contact me please

Dear Arcanum,<br />
<br />
It was a pleasure to read your story. I have great respect for witches, and hope someday to be worthy of the title. If you would like to chat, I would truly enjoy your company.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing.<br />
<br />

Hello, I'd like to ask your opinion concerning an ongoing experience that I have. Would that be o.k. ? Since I was young, I would dream about things, which would come true. This was very exciting to me, except that the glimpses I get don't give me any clues as to how I can effect the future. I wonder what the use is of seeing things that I won't recognise until the future becomes the present? I have forseen significant events in my life, but couldn't figure out what I could have done to make them better. When I've asked alot of people who claimed themselves to be of the magick traditions, they would say that I'm on my own, or something fancier but of the same nature. I just feel that there is something I ought to know, but just don't. What do you think?