Mm The Raw And Truth About Ladymorgansi

I want so much to write my story and post it for the world to see. Yet the words fell me right now. I have tried a couple times.

I am a stay at home mom of four fur baby's seeing how i can't have my own kids. I fear this move that my life mate wants to make to Alaska for his job.... will make our lives 10x worse... Never mind the fact that it could make our lives 10x better.... seeing how we are living in good ol Delaware pay check to pay check... His 2 and my 1.

My life mate is wonderful he loves me the way i am, doesn't care if I try to get a "real" job, he supports me in the fact that I have my SSi coming it is better than nothing at all. He knows that I have epilepsy and depression issue what up front with him when we started dating.

I am being a good pagan girl.. Why for the life of me am I a lost child again with no moonlight to be seen... As and HPs I would tell myself to sit with the lord and lady... which I have done.... I would also tell myself to go to the elder.... Aww there is the rub in this, I have and she is a wonderful person... Whom doesn't have depression issues, whom never in her life lived pay check to pay check. Who is not only book smart but also street smart (in some ways)... And lastly skinny and drop dead beautiful. where as I am fat, and Me.

I have many issue and I am sure nothing I have posted here really belongs here but in truth I felt safe post here. Not that I need feel safe other spots it just I don't know really I guess seeing how I am Pagan and keep asking myself "as a pagan child how can you feel so lost?" and really I don't know if it is I feel "lost" or more what in the hell am ment to do with this life?

I have gone to that is for soooo many different things.... Now keep in mind all in the damn Medical field....I ask you if you was a doctor or hiring person "would you want someone that can't spell?" I sure as hell no i wouldn't.... However I would hire me just for the fact that I can open people up and get them talking, and make them feel safe right away. but who wants a person that can do that?

Now most of the words I cant spell in any post or comment I may make i look up on web first and pray for a red line under misspelled words. So yeah this is the raw me. Thank you for reading... BB
ladymorgansi1974 ladymorgansi1974
36-40, F
May 20, 2012