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    Tarot Card of the Day is Judgement. Today you may feel a new sense of purpose, like a new awakening that will come to you and you will just know what to do, what to say, how to feel as new confidence levels arise within you. Your sense of perception will be like an aha moment and a new direction will arise.  These are fun and insightful.  I have fun doing these.  

   Tarot has been in my family for 7 generations, and 7daughters called the circle 7 read the tarot together and saw many visions and read into many things both great and small.  All seven lived 100yrs or better, Not sure of there exact age. then they passed on to mt great aunt all their knowledge, and she passed it to my mother whom in return passed  it on to me. Although I must confess I did and do not study like I should, but I feel I should venture out on my own somewhat.  Anyway I do not know the entire history. when I do I will share it with you all.
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By the way I. Am not pagen, or wiccan or any thing really,<br />
Kind of just un afillieated

Is tarot somthing a novice like me who is interested in it can learn them selves? Or is their some kind of natural abillity, or gift required.... just interested for my self not to read for others

Tarot can be learned yes, it helps to have some initial ability. Before beginning I would suggest picking a book or two up that deals with beginning Tarot reading, and see if you like it at all or not. many are enticed by the thought of seeing the future/ past, but do not want to put in the work that it requires. I tell you the truth there is lot of information to remember and to learn. One can start with a minimal starting knowledge. There are so many different types of decks these days and many different styles of reading them. Here is a book I think will help if you are serious about starting /trying out tarot; The Tarot Revealed a beginners guide by Paul Fenton-smith ; If you are in a larger city you can check at your local library and they may have something on it. Tarot Can be as serious as you want it to be or just for fun, depending on your reasons why you want to learn, or if it is an idol curiosity
if you pursue this I wish you the best of luck
Peace and Light, Namaste

Thank you.... that was very informative. I think I will check out that book, and and
If it looks like somthing I can do, and enjoy I. Will buy a set of cards....and take it from there

good I wish you luck and blessings