I Am A Pagan And I Fear That...

I will never find a pagan soulmate.

My ideal thought of "marriage" is having a hand fasting ceremony in the middle of the forrest with a pagan man.

I fear so much that finding a sould mate is hard enough, finding a PAGAN soulmate is nearly imposible.

Yes I know, true love spells and the like, but still.... I am not confident enough he will come in my life since I live in an area which is not really packed with pagans...

I feel that not being able to share your religious experiences and ideas with friends and a mate is one of the major flaws of paganism today :(
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I know how you feel. It's a profound fear I have sometimes as well. I hope, though, that things will look up for you!

I used to believe the same thing. I'm not quite out of a horrid relationship so I'm not ready to get involved. I've met several wonderful pagan men in the past few years. I met them through online pagan groups and liking the Facebook pages of various pagan/metaphysical authors. Get involved with the pagan community and you'll find people who will accept you for who you are.

You should get involved with some pagan communities. There are other pagans out there, trust me. You can find your pagan soul mate!

you should tell your freinds you are pagan and if they are real friends it wont matter plus they could help you look for a mate who shares your beliefs and its alot less stressfull if the people you care aboat in life know your are pagan

Hmmmm. There are lots of good pagan men around. Though, I find the notion of "soul mate" to be something of an impossible myth.

True maybe...

Indeed the "soul mate" is used here more as a term that everybody inderstands rather that a term that I literally believe in.

As of pagan men, I get the feeling that in the US that might be true.... bit over in Europe things are not going so well let me tell you.. Unfortunatelly.

I am a very lonely Wiccan.

We pagan men have had to deal with a lot of men hating feminists among pagan females. I'm sure it has reduced the number of men who are willing to participate and made life harder for women who like men and want to find a good pagan partner. I hope you can find someone.

Hm..... feminism and spirituality the twisted way huh? I guess that might be true back in the days, when the religion of the Goddess was all fresh and new.

I am a feminist, and I adore men as well. I especially worship Pan, so how can I hate men, I really do not understand that.

What can I say, world is strange and people are stranger.

I am sorry that men had to run away from paganism due to some hard-core man-haters claiming to be feminists and pagans. To me paganism is about equilibrium, balance... but then again what do I know....