How To Tell My Parents???? Help!!!

How do I tell my parents I am converting religions ?

If you are against diverse religions, then this is not the question for you. The religion in question is Wicca/Pagansim, I havent decided which branch just yet, but most likely Paganism.

If you have nothing nice to say, or you just want to tell me that my new religion is bull, then I ask you kindly to leave and spam other peoples pages. With this question, I am NOT asking you to understand or believe what I believe, but I must insist that you respect my choice.

Ok, well, I am a 13 yr old girl and I am Catholic. I was baptised as a baby, like my siblings and parents, just like my grandparents and great grandparents and great great grandparents etc. So as you can see that for me to change religions is a big thing.
My family isnt that religous, we barely ever go to church, we dont say grace before meals and all that kind of thing.
But they are religious all the same.
Before you say, You are only 13, dont make any rash decisions, you can get attention other ways, DONT SAY IT!!!! This isnt something I have just thought about for a few days. I have been considered this for a few YEARS

Even though I dont really believe in the Norse Gods, I completely believe in the rune stones magyck, the properties gemstones and plants possess and practically everthing else.

You see, when I was young, I never really felt a connection with the catholic god, I only followed tradtions because thats what I have always been told to do, all I have known. But now, I am no longer a mindless sheep and I have chosen my own path to suit my personal spirituality.
You see, ever since I could think independently, I have always non formerly believed in Wicca, but I never knew it was a real religion. When I found out that the whole thing I had been willing to be real WAS real, I was escatic.
I always thought that I could just keep two religions, but I realize for me this is not the case. I have felt myself get even more and more distant to all things Catholic, and I never was that close to start with. Also, I felt a bit guilty, turning my back on being Catholic, but a fantastic friend helped me move on from that. Bit I dont feel guilty anymore. I just feel uneasy when any of this stuff is brought up.

Ever since I was really young, I always loved thise games of 'pretend' and I never grew out of it.I found out the colours I saw randomly(not too often, but often enough to make note of it) were not my bad eyesight, but auras. I found out that the weird forces I felt weren;t just me, they were actual energy. But I found out that these games were not games. I was unknowingly practising the ways of a Pagan/Wiccan.
I havent been formerly initiated or anything, but I am a strong beliver and I finally feel like I fit in. I have found what it is that makes me spiritually happy, and I will not forsake that.

Finally, after discovering a friend had the same passion as me, I came to the point where I thought, 'You know what? I dont think that I should have to be so secretive about this any more.This is my family I'm talking about, hey should respect my decision."
So I really thank that friend for giving me the power to move on. Which is what I'm trying to do now. So this brings me back to the original quetion: How do I tell my family (parents)?

Because Im worried that me converting to the 'opposing' religion of theirs will sort of 'disgrace' them, and I will no longer be treated as well as before.
So what do I do?
The "We need to talk." tactic?
The "Oh, by the way, I'm Wiccan."

Also, a few years ago, I saw this amazing pentgram at this market. I had seen the symbol before so I mostly knew what it meant, but I wasnt aware that if I was seen wearing it it would send a clear message to them.

I showed my mum, told her that was the 'reward for being good' I wanted. She told me not to get it becaause it was 'to do with the devil and witchcraft rubbish'. But last week I bought a pentegram necklace without showing anyone I had it.

But today I showed my mum and said 'i bought this today. do you like it?' and her reaction was to say 'Wow, thats pretty!'

ARGH!!!! SO confusing. On top of this, when I started to collect gemstones, I discovered my sister can feel the energy they amit and she found the one that 'calls' to her.

When I told her about how that is a religion, and she had been unknowingly practising it, she freaked. I know that she sees the truth in it, and it scares her.

HELP!!!!!!!!!! I'm going crazy! Please help, even if you are not religious, please help me!!! If you have any questions or need me to clarify something, please do NOT hesitate to ask.

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hey nothing to be worried about what religion your going to practice in later life as long your belief is there no matter how odd religion you choose to be then nothing is wrong with that of course because now your under the protection of your parents till you reached the right age to choose and vote then make yourself discreet talking about your new religion when you can reached the right age when nobody could forced you then even the Sun you can wprship because its your choice to do what ever you want in your life now because your still under your parents protection better to be discreet about it.

Thanks, your right ;)

yes because being italian is really a big issue considering the VATICAN CITY in just in your footstep so now that your still a minor and cannot vote then better to discretely practice the religion of your choice in silent not to brag about it or talk about it in the open and as ive said the moment your in the right age then nobody in the family could ask you why and forced you to give up what you believe?we are all bornfree and what choices we make is acceptable as long its legal and not against the law.

Hi there. You write as though you are older than 13. I am 58 and I am a Solitaire Pagan and I love it that way. I was born in a Catholic home, baptised Catholic went to Catholic school, the same as you and I always new I was different, what I mean is being a Catholic was not for me but I did not dare say it to my parents, in fear they would disown me. About 25 years ago my parents and 2 of my siblings changed religion and they became Born Again Christian.{talk about awkwardness at family gatherings }Whenever my sister would see my pentagram pendant or any of my scrolls that have some designs with pentacles in them she tells me that they are evil and bad luck, so when I wear my pendant and my family is around I put it inside my top out of respect for them. My husband passed away last Sept. 2011, he was sick for over 17 years and in some ways my sister blames my beliefs for my husband's illness. Still, I love her. I finally mustered up some guts and I told my mom I am a Pagan 2 weeks ago. She looked at me with this blank stare then she said "Let's change the jubject" so I did. I will give you some advice if you want it, take your time telling your parents, there is no big rush, is there? everything will fall into place, you'll see, you must believe me, and PLEASE don't move out, you are only going to hurt yourself and your parents, and you don't need more crap in your life at this time, am I right?. I know it's a tuff thing what you want to do but you must also have patience. There is a great book out there it's called The Ultimate Book Of Shadows For The New Generation Solitary Witch,, by Silver RavenWolf,, I'm pretty sure you would enjoy it. The author talks abouit everything, and it is quit a large book also about 600 pages. I wish you good luck and Bleesed Be.

Thanks for taking the time to right this. It was very helpful. YOur absolutley right, whats the rush? I'll try to find that book, it sounds great. I hope all your family awkwardness clears up :)

I wouldnt move out at the age of 13, anyway, that would be ridicoulous and melodramatic. I admit, I am a little teensy bit of a drama queen, but I wouldn't do that.

Oh, and thanks for the compliment on my writing :)

Blessed be.

Yah, the awkwardness is still there even at my age, go figure, but I rather shut my trap than cause an argument and just let them talk, and I shut my ears, lol. You do write very well, you should be proud of yourself. Good luck . Blessed Be.

Nothing wrong with practicing good witchcraft if that is what you believe in. But the thing is (and I know you don't want to hear this), you are thirteen years old. You still have to see and learn so much of the world and I don't think people will take it seriously even if you announce it to the world. They'll probably think it is some sort of teenage angst. It is better to study paganism and all related to it while you have time and if you still feel strongly about officially converting at age 18, then, by all means, do it. In the meantime, you can tell people you are not Catholic and is leaning towards Wiccan. Telling people you are a new witch at 13 won't get you anywhere, methinks. :/<br />
<br />
By the way, I noticed you classified your account as an 18 year old, instead of 13. You should make it 13 to be safe from some internet bad guys.

Thanks. You are absolutley right. People will think its just a stupid attention seeking stunt. I might wait until I am 18 like you said. At least I can move out if I have to...