Why I Am No Longer Catholic

When the skies grew dark,
Where didnt he bring light?

When I didnt know where to go,
Why didnt he guide me?

When I fell,
Why didnt he catch me?

When I lay in a hospital bed,
Why did he desert me?

When an ugly jagged line crossed my forhead,
Why didnt he kiss it better?

When all of my 'friends' shunned me,
Why did he follow in their footsteps?

When I cried for everything I had lost,
Why didnt he comfort me?

When I lost all confidence,
Why didnt he help restore it?

When I no longer had trust in myself,
Why didnt he show me how to believe?

When my days grew long and dreary,
Why did he stand by and do nothing?

WHen I turned my back on him,
Why did he not try to stop me?

When the little faith I had dwindled and died,
Why did he stand idle and not try to turn me around?

When i turned to something that had always been there,
He didnt care.

When I felt uneasy at something that had once impacted me,
He didnt do anything.

He didnt help me.
She helped me.
Did he never care at all?
But she did.
Sometimes I wondered why I bothered.
The Goddess made me believe.
When my days grew dark,
She helped to bring light.
When my 'friends' wrinked their snotty noses in disgust at my scar,
She comforted me and embraced me wih Her unearthy presense.
When the tears silent tears streamed down my face,
She wiped them away and made me promise never to cry becasue of this again.
When I needed Her, she was there before I even had to ask.

This is why I am no longer Catholic.
Even though only a few people know of this,
the truth will out.

Merry meet and merry part brothers and sisters, untill we merry meet again.

Blessed be.

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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

the goddess does not forget, apparentally, when you honor her. The patriarchical gods have ruled things for so long that mother is forgotton. They used to rule together. Man and woman. Now she is forgotten. Of course she honors those who honor her. blessed be. =)

Thankyou :)