What Exactly Is A Pagan??

I am here to learn what being a "Pagan" is. There are so many different beliefs and many different kinds of people. I am confussed! But I am interested in understanding the meaning and reasons of what and why a pagan beleives what they beleive. I know after the "Preist sexual abuse" bullshit I don't know what to think in traditional religions. I would like to learn about what being a "Pagan" really is today but not about the evil side of it. Why does an "evil" side exist???
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Bad things happen in organised or non-organised religions; heck, not just religions, unfortunately, but in all other things happening in the world too....

Basically, as I see it, the pagan motto is a 'do unto others as you yourself would like done to you' kinda thing, meaning respect, authenticity and regard...

It's fair to say that it the most 'logical' of religious ideals but, by and large, pagans are very open and will politely listen to people of all different faiths and belief systems; we don't make judgements...

Find your path....read all you can....and enjoy!

Geoff x

Thank you,, Thats how it looks to me.

I would enjoy that kind of person or people if they were for real and not just self motivated

In other words. Paganism don't. Follow the Bible. So in paganism u see idol.

So u like to be pagan... of course not all in pagan its condenation like if u celebrate chismass its not going to be punishable...

Paganism is a very broad term, referring mainly to any "heathen" (non-abrahamic,) belief, which are usually polytheist. There really isn't an "evil" side to Paganism, it's more of a way of life. Pagans worship their respective Gods/Goddesses, in different ways, but (to me anyway,) it's more about living with strength, and honor, than it is about not "sinning."

Does that mean its ok, to sin?

No, it just means that natural things like sex, aren't punishable by eternal damnation. There are things that are wrong, and in most Pagan faiths they're even punished, but the faiths themselves are more about living with strength, character, and dignity, which pretty much cuts out all the twisted crap, like pedos, and rapists, and all that. For instance, Drinking alcohol. In my religion, (The Norse Paganism,) drinking, or getting drunk is not forbidden, but it is cautioned against. Just instructing one to do things with wisdom. It's meant to be taken with moderation, and not abstaining, or over-indulging. That is just an example, but it pretty much sums up the core of my personal belief system.

Just common sense, and be curtious to one another. Makes sense to me.

Me, too, that's why I'm pagan, lol! :D

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I mentioned, pagan is a person who observes, celebrate and live his life without the ordinances of the God of Abraham,but by imaginary gods created by the hand of man. this person becomes a person worships with pagan traditions. pagan holidays: halloween, san Valantin day, St. Patrick's Day (Irish), and all the saints and gods models: Crishna, budha, voodoo, etc ... Religion only 3 known as no pagan,they are: protestantism, judaism, islamic ... these three religions include the catholisism, Anglicanism as a form of paganism but believe in the God of Abraham isaac and jacob.

Thanks,, now I am confussed again. Why catholisism? Is that the same as being catholic? I do not like the catholic church now because of the sexual abuse by the preists to the children and confussed about why GOD would let that happen.

@stepdoll Imaginary? I think you're referring to the evil god of Abraham, not the pagan ones. And Buddha isn't a "God" he himself said that. Buddhism just adheres to his teachings. It's a "non-theistic" religion.
@cheryltoo Catholicism, has stolen pretty much all of their religion form the pagans they "converted" at the point of a sword. Their "saints," their holidays, etc. It had less to do with their "god" and more to do with medieval politics. They used religion to stir up a bunch of dumb farmers, into going thousands of miles away, and killing people for their land, and wealth.


Other old European ritual ..soil of course weccan is pagany. Excuse me somebody here said christianity. B carefull some people will may include catholic. Let me tell u that catholosism is known as pagan too.

No it isn't. They may have stolen a lot from the Pagans they killed, but they are NOT Pagans!

I agree

Someone who practice a nonHabraamic religion. Habraamic cultes or religion include judaism,protestantism,islamic. Other ones are all pagan my dear.

My dear friend there is no evil side of it.....

Why does it talk about witchcraft? Is there a book I can buy that will help me understand? I could not find what you told me to look for on "tyrrmack's post" so Iam still confussed.

Because witchcraft/magick isn't evil. Once again, the ancient Catholics/Christians labelled it as such, because they wanted people to be full of fear, and prejudice, and anything they couldn't control, they killed, but that doesn't mean the witchcraft is inherently evil. Power in and of itself is not evil, it's just what you do with it.

How do you know so much??

Yea, I am starting my research and understanding. Hope it's a good journey.

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