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Forest Dweller

I think I've always been pagan. Since before I even knew what it was, I would sit and admire the woods in my backyard as a child. I would take my dog with me and we'd go walking along the pathway..just thinking and being a kid. I was being taught christian things and went to church but my heart always belonged to nature and animals. I'm a young adult now and found this path on my own and I'm not a traditional pagan nor am I faking what I feel or believe in. I just do what makes me happy. I don't even think Pagan describes how I feel spiritually. But it's close enough. :)

I love the forest, I love exploring and sitting on old trees and listening to the creek and the birds. I love animals and spending time with them. They are my children. I do spells but they are not the way the books tell us to do them. I don't go through life following the book when it comes to my personal path. It feels too formal, too man-made (which it is.) I ask myself, "Who makes up these rules?" "Who decided we have to do spells and rituals and prayers this way and that way?"

I go with the flow, and if I need guidance I seek it out.
SuperMagicMuffin SuperMagicMuffin 22-25, F 2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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I know how u feel, I could spend all day outside in nature if I was accepted as who I am... :) EP is such a great place to find support!

Nicely said,,I feel the same way. Not sure what I beleive in these days. The pagan way makes more sense. I just want to learn more about modern day paganism.