Pagan In Hiding

Unfortunately I live in an area where being Pagan is extremely taboo (The dreaded Bible belt) *dum dum dum*. But here I am, a Norse Pagan adrift in the south east. *sigh*  
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I am a Norse Pagan and where I am there are 4 churches within walking distance of me. My family is full of preachers and people who are "holy ghost filled" fanatics.

I have an alter to the gods set up in the roots of a tree near my house. It looks like regular garden type things, but all with hidden runes. Hail the Kith and Kin of our people that has lead us to this new day.

I thought I was alone in this world. My entire family except my mom and uncle are all about christianity and how its the only right way. My mom is the only one who knows that I'm a pagan. If I were to 'come out of the broom closet' I would be looked down upon in my family and community. It kills me when people here the word pagan they immediatley think satan worshippers. I'm not completely sure what group of paganism is right for me so right now I just believe what I believe.

yeah being a pagan in the bible belt is tough got to be careful who tell but luckly my friends are cool. Though I still havent told my family

I live in a town with about 600 people in it and most are of the more popular Religion in this area.<br />
After living hear for a short time i started meeting Pagans and some people in Wicca.<br />
They found me do to i do not hied ho i am and what i am so i was and still am a easy person to fiend.

Norse Pagan! Awesome. My best friend's deity is Tyr, so I feel a connection to the Norse myths as well since my friend is a representative of his Path. A very fascinating journey to take. Keep the energy flowing and the possibilities open... I was in a bible belt section, myself. And you'd be surprised just how many Pagans like yourself are out there. They're just just as good as you at hiding. ;)

Pagans really hide.

Well, the Occult literally means "hidden" and the Esoteric Path is very much like that in nature.

I live in a country which still has a state religion: the Big Daddy of the protestants, England. The amount of questions about sacrifice and rituals I get is amazing. I don't take part in any major rituals and I don't do sacrifices. I give my energy in tenths to the Gods. I show signs of the berserker and some people mistake that for a bad problem. They just don't understand that I'm the way I am: A Pagan berserker who is trying to act as a peacekeeper at my school. A week at school and I've broken up more fights than I want.<br />
<br />
I've done some bad things and I want to atone for them. Not through the christian way of prayer and self-starvation, but by living my life in a new way. Come out of your shell and show your paganism. I don't know anyone who doesn't know I am Pagan. If people hate you let them hate you for what you are not what you pretend to be (or not be).

i went to pagan spirit gathering in missouri last year. wow! the first words someone spoke to me was" welcome home" . there were over 1000 pagans there and i really did feel at home. dancing round the fire at night was my favorite, or maybe swimming in the stream. lots of nice knowlege sessions too. i also went to a fest in a nearby town that was sweet. but there was a little too much ale flowing for me. i am lucky i live where i do. in our little town half is from a meditating community from all over the US. so there is a tolerance of sorts for pagans. but really i think i need to be in a tribe. i have some nice pagan friends 1000 miles away and will someday visit them. really i think we all need our tribe; wherever it is. i'll keep looking for mine.

I am norse pagan also but live in the Northeast. I do have pagan friends in Alabama and Arkansas of all places, so they are out there. Witchvox is a good place to start. Also check out and look for a pride event in your area, that's a great way to connect in person with like minded individuals.

Brilliant!! Im a norse pagan too!! Whos your favorite God/ess? Hope youre not a loony racist though. Unfortunately you get a lot of them attatching themselves to the northern tradition.

Loki, Fenris, Odin and Freya are kind of my favorites

I live in the South East too, there are LOTs of pagans here. While I am currently not practicing with a group, I know of many and have participated in many.<br />
<br />
Sometimes people seem to like being the "lonely pagan", but you don't have to be if you don't want to. It's up to you.

wow.. I do feel truely blessed now.. I live in kansas. not sure if that is considered the bible belt or not. but we have a huge pagan community here. I even go to a camp that is open to all faiths but the community there is about 90% pagan. we have open rituals and lots of festivals. it is wonderful. <br />
where I live I am surrounded by churches. (no joke)<br />
we have a methodist church and a lutheran church right across the street from my house. lol I don't hide who I am because I feel that is betraying myself. the people at the churches seem to be accepting and have never bothered me. actually they are very nice people and when they had a speaker come in to talk to their congregation about religious tollerance and acceptance they made sure to include the pagan faith and even invited me to be a speaker. I declined because it happened to fall on one of our festivals at camp.<br />
I wish everyone here could live as openly and freely as I do. no one should feel that they have to hide who they are and what they believe in.<br />
many blessings to you all<br />

I too live in the middle of thumper training central. Not far from the 700 club "have a blessed day". And I know what you mean. fortunately for me I practice for the most part solitary. But there are several covens, and circles, and clans through the southeast. and yes i joke about native with pitchforks and torches, sometimes it's not so big a joke. But it's not bad all in all. just do what you do and when someone wishes you a "blessed day" respnd with a smile and blessed be :D

Have you guys checked out Witchvox to see who is in your area's ? You might be shocked to find out who or how many pagans accually exist in your town and where you live. Seriously try it. Blessed Be and good luck !

It isn't easy where I live to follow that path either. There aren't many people in my city that follow or practice anything that doesn't have to do with the bible. So many churches here. Don't feel bad though, keep your chin up, there are more of us out there feeling the same....:)