and may have been one from birth ! growing up i was given the name haggie witch by family ( as a joke ) i was always wild and running in the fields or woods,learning about nature.In my teenage years i became drawn to witchcraft and as the years have gone by i tread the gentle path of the hedgewitch

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You know, a lot of people when they first discover Wicca or certain other forms of paganism feel just as you do - that there was something we innately knew from our earliest memories but there was little or no guidance about. I am fortunate that I was raised in a family that, though not pagan, accepted certain senses (such as deja vu, telepathy, forewarnings, psychic dreams,past lives,etc. etc.) as perfectly normal, and to pay attention to them. <br />
I love your term "Hedgewitch". The hedges of Britain are magical little worlds in themselves, aren't they. I don't think there is anything quite like them anywhere else...