I Am Hex

My family raised me Roman catholic but I'd never follow. Id always be free outside or staring at the moon...animals and children were my best friends, windows were open all year round...gardening from the age of 2. Swimming as soon as aloud in the water,head out the windows of cars to feel the breeze...Church had me making up my own stories and inserting females into them and questioning why they weren't in there. I asked my CCD teacher why black crows always brought me warnings and she said "Only witched and DEvils believe that it's not true never talk about it again." If I willed something enough it used to come true. I was constantly seeing ghosts...that my mother said were made up and never there...so I walled my mind...or tried to...my dreams told me things...I pulled away from catholic beliefs for they made no sense to me...there was always an outside pull...my mother said I was possesed. One day at school I felt drawn to the section of the library where nobody looked. I found a book and got glued...eveything I felt were in the pages...I fealt warm inside. Id always noticed things other people hadnt noticed...I fealt energy flows...I helped people...I was lost. I was alone in a world full of christians who thought me possesed. Later in highschool I met a girl we seemed drawn together. I found her and her mum to be witches...she taught me I wasnt as strange as I thought...Later on I gained the nickname Hex for more than one reason. 1. The Hex symbols on barns protected people whereas I remained Idle until someone was in need. 2. It popped out of my friends mouth as the first thing that came to mind when seeing me. 3. I had horrible luck...I was always sick from giving out too much energy (which i didnt know at the time). I let people tramle all over me and lost friends and loved ones all too often...finding 4 leaf clovers eveywher never helped. Even finding a rare white 4 leafed clover didnt help...4. I was involved in a goth industrial scene where everyone had nicknames and ladyhex fell into place for me...because I was unusually polite and enigmatic. So it stuck. So now I am. Yet still unlucky and still alone.

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I am not Wiccan, but a Pagan of the Energy and Nature variety. My family never made me practice any religeon, but falling into Sprituality ans mantra and chants and energy has been a blessing. After receiting a mantra I won front row tickets to see Tool, the most spiritual band ever the other day. No Joke. I love animals, they are parts of our enery and I empathise with Vampires as well. I feel lonely sometimes as the only wise person I can share this level of coversation with without feeling judged is my sister. Thank you fore you honesty and keep trudging the path, the gods bless those who bless other people with the most important thing anyone can give...Time.

Yes, I too became a scapegoat.. I was fascinated with the craft and it scared people. My dictionaries of demonology and dream books definitely did not aid anything. I’d always been alone too…the pentagram was my comfort and the books were my friends. The deliciousness in life is rooted in the “pagan“ rituals…and I adore them.

amazing,<br />
my familys christians but i kinda never really understand any of the churchie goody shoes talk about, <br />
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i got interested in witch craft but stopped cos i couldnt <br />
find anyone in town to do it with me, id rather not do it alone, couldnt find any witch stores or anything, i always loved the Charmed tv shows wish they where back on!!! mum found out sort of, she freaked out.. i didnt care. I told her i dont want to be a christian anymore she said to me you were born into a christian family u stay a christian forevere.. whatever mum.. my choice what i want to be... none of my friends understand mi beliefs so i guess im alone too like u.... thanks fo sharing ur story!