I Don't Know What I Am

I have always been shy. im in 8th grade now and i only have about 10 friends that i really talk to, because i knew them for a long time. Now i barely see them so.. its like i only have 5 friends (i have classes with 2 of them).  No one gets how sad lonely i feel when everyone is laughing and talking in free time in class... while  i am reading a book or just sitting there because i am scared to talk to any one. I honestly dont know whether if im just very shy or have social anxiety. But i HAVE been shy since 1st grade and i have NEVER built any kind of friendly relationship with any of my teachers. i don't even think my teachers really like me... i dont know if i will ever have a boyfriend in high school at this rate.... most/all my friends are girls. I find that girls are easier to talk to (i am a girl). Soooo.... yeaaa..........
nia2nini nia2nini
Dec 2, 2011