Every Time

I am really shy I just had a nervous brake down, I am shy when I go places. the only place I can be comfortable is at my house.
I fill so depressed right now thinking about it, I"m anti social where i cant really have a regular conversation.
I fill awkward when I"m around people and when I have to talk to someone I fill so shy like I"m unable to speak to them.
I have a stuttering issue. witch make it worst so i have Allot of reasons why i"m shy. I want to be able to talk to other people and I dont want to be nervous all the time. I"m so insecure about myself, and I"m worry about what the other people going to think about me.
I always had this problem and people would make fun of me at school all the time. I just want to snap out of it. and I want to enjoy my life.
I just wish somehow I can get over it.
sweetparis101 sweetparis101
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 25, 2012

Same here. I am a bit different through,I am shy around people who do not know me. I tend to hide in the corner and stay with people who know me best. I stay by the people who dont judge me. I stay in my comfort zone. I am very quiet, and It takes me a long time to open up to someone new. I always stay back and watch how a person acts before I begin talking with them. I need to know if they are judgmental before I start talking. I hate judgmental people, but then again I am being very judgmental also. =( I am trying to be more outgoing and confident with myself to. <br />
In high school i had a few somewhat chose friends who knew i was shy and not outgoing so they accepted me for that. its not about being popular, just try to find a few or 1 person who have similar qualities as you do. Try to find people who you know would be nice and accepting. Be friends with those kind of people.