How I Overcomemy Shy...

Im an extremely shy time passed by my age become 18 i can fully control my shyness how i manage to overcome it..
1)When you do something that make you feel shy to other people all you need to do is smile/laugh...some people blushing when they shy..but just smile like nothing happened...this will greatly help you to control it....(Avoid from smiling/laughing like a madman)
2)If you feel shy because of you surrounding...lot of unknown people or etc..just ignore the feeling and imagine that all of them are people that you know...
3)Always prepare yourself with anything so you can do everything in a right way....sometimes shyness come when you do some mistake such lost of word when talking to someone that still new to described as BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!
4)Make yourself look good everywhere and anytime....why would you feel shy with other people when you already perfect?Get rid of the bad feeling about yourself...

Hope my experience help you all.....Good luck!

Smile is the "Key"!
RaidaraX RaidaraX
18-21, M
Dec 2, 2012