I Must Overcome It

Or it is going to ruin my life!! I've always been painfully shy. When I was little and my mom would take me somewhere, like to a birthdayparty, I would be too scared to enter the room because it was full with all these strangers and I would just stay and play in the hallway 'til we were going home. Well, it's not like I'm still 'that' shy, but I'm still not comfortable (at all) around people. And I really can't seem to keep a conversation going. This didn't really bother me this much until I met this really nice guy I've fallen in love with. And he also seems to be really interested in me. But now the problem is that I'm way too scared to talk to him. Whenever he's around (I see him twice a week) I will just freeze completely and act stupid. Of course I want him to talk to me, but on the other side I'm afraid I'm going to scare him away. He's been trying to get my attention this past couple weeks and I've just been avoiding him. *-* And of course I feel horrible about that. Then there's another problem: he has this really big, social family. How can I ever get them to like me, and not think of me as this weird person?! I've met guys I liked before but this one is different and I waited long enough for someone like him to come around...I can't ruin this out of fear that's really based on nothing!

All sort of tips and advice are very much appreciated, thank you♥
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I would try and think of topics to talk about ahead of time so that way you don't run out of things to talk about, and be upfront with him about your shyness. Once you start talking to him and the two of you realize how much each of you like each other I don't think that talking to him will be too hard after that point, even though it may be a slow process, it will be a start. As for the social family, once things work themselves out I'm sure he'd be willing to help you overcome some of your shyness and help by just introducing them to you just one at a time or finding some other way to help you. If you just open up to him some, I'm sure he would understand, and if he likes you he'd be willing to do anything to make things work as long as your willing to try.