I Wish I Had At Least Some Confidence

I have always been painfully shy but my husband is very outgoing. Lately I have been hanging out with him and another couple to try and work on improving my social skills. It's taken me a few months but I finally started talking a little. Every day is a struggle though. I constantly doubt myself and still have no confidence. I want to be able to be myself around these people or anyone for that matter. I don't know how to just say what's on my mind. I wish all this would go away and I would just be normal.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Dear Sparkie24:<br />
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One way to begin to build confidence is to find a project or hobby you enjoy and become deeply involved in it. This will develop your strength of character. Learn the ins and outs of your interest through this hobby. You will develop confidence, strength, endurance, patience, pride in achievement, and knowledge. All confidence boosters.<br />
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An interesting person is an interested person. <br />
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peace and blessings,<br />
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Agate Fire

I do too, I will even go home and re play everything I said and then think I sounded stupid ect..