I Am Pakistani..

I am a Pakistani...I have lived here my whole life..and I really want to give out the facts here about my Country.....

Fine, we may have the biggest *diamond market* (diamond applying to ****** here..lol) and pretty goofy politicians...but ill admit...i hate this place at times...the narrow minded people and FAKE society....seriously fake....double faced people......

Girls smoking, doping, drinking wasting their parents money.....at one end and acting completely onnicent, behind aveil...a painted veil is more appropriate....

Boys...well being a girl..i dont really kow them but from experience..every guy...majority atleast are out to get laid...bottom line.

Pakistan....the home to the terrorists and looney maulvi's aka religious leaders....to be honest...and very very true...all the educated and wise paki's spit on them...we all know they are corrupting society by manipulating what our religion says......something like...if you cant **** a woman if youre not married....then **** a little boy instead or even a goat...a rumour i heard....

Its crazy....

And i know some of my feloow pakistani's might want to push me off a cliff right now but hey! we all know the reality...

However...the everlasting culture..the colourful traditions! screw malyasia and goa! Pakistan with the mind blowing pupoo saeen....the mizaars...open drugs....and some really fun people...concerts with people hiding in corners getting stoned or snorting coke...i mean how different is pakistan then friom any other place? speaking while keeping the religion and all that at the other side????

Its a good place.... A good country....

And I am proud to be a Paki...damn...never thought I would say that.....

Im thinking a confession at ep would be more suitable.....ahahaha!
maankhan maankhan
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omg what's that? lemme clear you one thing , that you're a hater , will be remembered as a hater and will never succeed in your evil plans . thats the truth .lol

hi I'm a african american and my boyfriend is pakistani . I was so interested to visit his home land and but my boyfriend said no because of the taliban kidnapping Americans. That's sad I thought to my self, what do you think?I can see them kidnapping white people but I am black.

will you bhenchawds stop ************* copying MY original story and ******* come up with words of your own you sad litle **********!!!

maan khaan not everybody in my county... is just like the wayu describe..... i think u r not pakistani..... nd u r not loyal to ur nation.... yes i agree some of our people set bad example of a muslim for other nations but some.... u have the right to critisize... but the way u do is just as like whole pakistan is not good poeple are crupted..... thats not true..... really get hurt by ur story. .. and ur story got rated up by mine mistakenely and i cannot revese that action .............. :(

Omg he copy pasted my entry paki 4x4! what a moron...

we must be careful from people like maankhan and lalakhan who might be the agent of jews or anti pakistani indians.They are here to defame pakistan and pakistani they are against muslims and islam as well,they will always hide their identities and must be here with the fake muslim names,who are neither pakistani nor muslims,they are agents.We must keep an eye on people like them.

How can u say that ? On what grounds man?

apni maa ka dodh piya ha toa tum anr man khan apni real pics lagawo aur batawo apnay baray ma wahi aakay na para to batana.u bloody indians.

hey unmasked u better had dont mess with me neither pork your bloody nose into my affairs ok.if u r the son of your real mother show me yourself and upload your real pics then see what i will do with u i wish i could break your bones with my hands,you bloody illegitimate children of your parents.

ya lala knan bhi bagarat ha wow amazing what is amazing do lufz angrazi ka kya bol lata ha angraz bana pirta ha!

nadeemahmad first i appreciate yr feeling and love for Pakistan . i am a muslim i m a pathan i m a Pakistan and i m proud to be musklim to be a pathan and to be a Pakistani as they all make me a true . dignified and loving human being.... the fake id like maan khan etc are actually indian trying to defame our motherland but these ****** up people cant anyway

appreciate it brother,thanks.

ep pa akay baray open minded bun jatay ha do lifz angrazi ka bol ka,atnay mard ki bachay ha to apni pic aur identity kyo chipatay ho,zankuo na mardoa!

show your identity u bloody stupid guy so called modern and anti pakistani ignorant!you yourself a coward and double standard person who even dont have courage to show up ur bloody face here i know u r a coward and sissy as well an ill bread too.The country where u live and eat on the other hand abuse ur mother if a person cant be his own mother he cant be anybody's at all,having learned some english u think u r really cool and so called the member of moderate society its ur wishful thinking,mend ur ways if people r bad why dont u try to be the one who can call himself a good pakistani,pakistan is not bad at all people like u r bad who have made it bad,have u ever opened the Quran and read it with translation and do u know what Allah and Quran says,i dont think so u did.Shame on u and on ur thoughts u dont deserve to live in this country so be off from here and live like a third grade citizen,i wish i knew u in person then i would see u,u bloody a peace of crap!

wow....how Amazing...!!

JK ;)