I am a Pakistani...I have lived here my whole life..and I really want to give out the facts here about my Country.....

Fine, we may have the biggest *diamond market* (diamond applying to ******  and pretty goofy politicians...but ill admit...i hate this place at times...the narrow minded people and FAKE society....seriously fake....double faced people......

Girls smoking, doping, drinking wasting their parents one end and acting completely onnicent, behind aveil...a painted veil is more appropriate....

Boys...well being a girl..i dont really kow them but from experience..every guy...majority atleast are out to get laid...bottom line.

Pakistan....the home to the terrorists and looney maulvi's aka religious be honest...and very very true...all the educated and wise paki's spit on them...we all know they are corrupting society by manipulating what our religion says......something like...if you cant **** a woman if youre not married....then **** a little boy instead or even a goat...a rumour i heard....

Its crazy....

And i know some of my feloow pakistani's might want to push me off a cliff right now but hey!  we all know the reality...

However...the everlasting culture..the colourful traditions! screw malyasia and goa! Pakistan with the mind blowing pupoo saeen....the drugs....and some really fun people...concerts with people hiding in corners getting stoned or snorting coke...i mean how different is pakistan then friom any other place? speaking while keeping the religion and all that at the other side????

Its a good place.... A good country....

And I am proud to be  a Paki...damn...never thought I would say that.....

Im thinking a confession at ep would be more suitable.....ahahaha!

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Some details are right and most of them wrong. If you smoking and from lahore or karachi then you right but i dont see women of villages and country side are smoking. And plz correct your information, sex out of marriage not only prohibited in islam its also in all other religions too.

We don't have a choice on where we are born in, or to whom we are born to.. but it's heartwarming to see how you never give up on your country and principles.. stay strong :) the world is screwed up everywhere now, it's just that some has it worse than others.. stay safe:)

i am a pakistani tooo! and i am proud tooo on some facts some good aspects...!

I find there are many misconceptions about countries made by people from other countries and that's sad. I love learning about other cultures and countries and help spread truth not lies. Thank you for your view on your country. I'd love to visit one day.

Indeed, when people question things around, things change.......<br />
I think people in pakistan are fed up of corruption and leaders as we Indians are.


Pakistan.... i really want to say nasty stuff about this place but... i effing love it.. i dont like being here but i want to make it better u know... i mean.. i would love to live in another country but.. even with all its bulll.... i dont think i can actually let this go... not yet... Pakistan i love you but i wish u'd grow up!!!

I'm a Pakistani too and I love this place.♥

"...if you cant **** a woman if youre not married....then **** a little boy instead or even a goat...a rumour i heard...."<br />
<br />
Are you taking the **** or something? It sounds like you're being silly with that rumour. Don't say stuff like that unless you have proof, it just perpetuates the cycle of vicious rumour spreading and misinformation.

i am pakistani 2... havent been back in 4 years but i gotta say i mproud to a pakistani... dua karta hoon kay aik din pakistan may aman phir say wapis ajaay..<br />
Pakistan zindahbad :)

lol. Pakistan doesn't sound that different from America. We have just as many people who give our culture a bad name across the globe. Sometimes I fear for my country because other countries always seem to hear only ONE opinion from the US and discard the fact that we are a nation divided as much as we are united. If one ******* in our country says we should bomb another country suddenly ALL americans think that way even if it really IS that one *******. But just like the end of the day I am proud to be an American. I love my country in spite of its many vices...why? Because just as you said...I know we are no better or worse than ANY other country out there.