Who's with Imran khan and who supports Imran khan revolution!?
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I will love to support Pakistan either

imrna khan ponka

I am talking about PPP and Muslim League(N).

Pakistanis get to see same faces again and again. The ban on becoming 3rd time Prime Minister shouldn't have been lifted.

Then there is no implementation of Article 62 and 63.
Every corrupt has been given important and crucial post.

Its not democracy in Pakistan and its 2 party kingship over here. Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Niece, Nephew and so on and on and on..

Someone has to stand up against this rotten system.

Imran khan is no different either,he is proud,arrogant and ill mannered piece of trash.He bashesother leaders and tries to take credit of anything going good in the country whereas on the contrary he is doing the same mistakes which other politicians make.His desperation for power is costing the country a lot.
May lord save us from this leader.

For me Its not about supporting Imran khan or Dr. Tahir ul Qadri. But seriously.... 2 parties need to get out of our country. They are such bunch of useless losers.

which two parties?

!! Which two?

lol, revolution........ He is a problem for the entire country and if he continues his stupidity he will end up screwing Pakistan forever.....


That's good, I admire that