Soft And Smooth..

I have noticed that pale skin, including mine, is extremely soft and smooth. Just another reason I can't understand why someone would want to tan, it makes your skin all coarse and rough. I love being pale so much :D My boyfriend tells me I look like a pure soft angel in the sunlight...and others have compared me to the moon :) I just love being so unbelievably white, Ive always been the palest person I know and I intend for it to stay that way (not that I have a choice, I can't tan anyways haha) :) I don't think I'll ever understand why so many people are obsessed with darkening their skin. I do wish we still lived in the times where the fairer skinned women were considered most beautiful, for then everyone would certainly love me haha.
JuliaSaysHi JuliaSaysHi
13-15, F
Aug 2, 2010