Why Tanning Is Popular...

My french teacher in 9th grade told us that in the 1920s (I'm pretty sure it was around that time), Coco Chanel declared tan was beautiful after a recent visit to the French Riviera (she was tan after that, I'm guessing). She was such an influential person in the world of fashion, that it spread, and to this day is popular. Before that, it was beautiful to be pale. But in some parts of the world, its better to be paler. My friend from India and I were reading a magazine, and when we saw an article about self-tanning, she told me how she didn't understand why people /wanted/ to be tanner...in India it was better to be pale. I guess everyone just wants what's harder for them to get...or what doesn't come easily.
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I agree completely. If only we tried a little harder to be ourselves...the world would be a better place :]