Milk Bottle Legs...

I have always been the pallor of death... with very faint freckles... growing up was a nightmare... all the children playing in the hot Summer sun and there I sat, in the shade  of a tree too afraid to venture forth for fear of yet another sunburn. You must remember that there was no such thing as SPF factors in tanning products... SPF 15 wasn't manufactured until 1978... that means I lived 12 painful years of being slathered with Coppertone cocoa butter and sent off to day camp where we learned to paddle canoes for the day... by days end I had a doozy of a sunburn on my back and shoulders ... but nightfall all the little blisters seemed to unravel and became and enormous water blister... that 2nd and 3rd  degree burns were the absolute last straw... no more camp or outdoor activities in the Summer,as prefer to read anyway

as the hours ticked  by the pain intensified so off we went to the local ER where they wrapped layer after layer of gauze into a plaster cast from hips to shoulders... this monstrosity stayed in place for 10-14 day when my Dad preceded to remove it cutting through it even so carefully as we had no idea what lay underneath... problem was,, some of the blisters must have popped on my right should and the middle of my back thus  adhering the gauze into the new skin... my Father , the impatient fellow that he is attempted to just yank it off to no .avail... so off we went again to our handy dandy ER where they just soaked those painful patches with warlr water to release  me... which is exactly what happened... the scarring was hideous but we were assured by the hospital staff that, in time it would be barely noticeable and to stay out of the sun from now on... I don't need to be told twice...

I was teased mercilessly because I was different and unable to tan... Lord knows I tried but my near complete lack of useful pigment was holding all the cards... I'd lay out in the sun or use  tanning beds and all I got was heat rash and my toasty skin went from lobster red, to pig pink to while overnight and by morning I was a white as I started albeit now covered in tiny freckles... my parents did their best to console me by explaining that I must have more of the Alsatian factors in my DNA whereas, my brother and father tan very easily owing to the German and Russian blood...
some years later my family discovered that we have a relative from the md- 1600's that married a Baron, thus having the title of  Baroness von Strelau bestowed upon her and all of her future heir as well, so that makes me the  "Right Honorable 16th Baroness von Strehlau... which i now use as my trump card... for example, I had a hair color  client who insisted on be addressed as Your Honor which got stuck in my craw and I countered explaining that hers is merely a job title and mine is a noble honorarium... that was the last time she tried to pull rank on me and one would think that was the last  time I colored her hair for over 15 years... we laughed about that time often...

The thought was held that the nobility remained fair skinned while the lower classes labored outdoors and their skin tanned and become dark thus marking the obvious difference of the society. That sounded ok to me as a child and a wonderfully reasonable retort if some load mouthed brat made any comments.

So, I'm extremely fair skinned... I've been told that it's like porcelain or alabaster... it's creamy white... and I've come to revel in my uniqueness...  I love the color of my skin and it's texture... I love that I blush easily and that my chest flushes when I'm excited... sure ,I wish I could spend the day at the beaches here in Southern California, but I have gone in the middle of the night when the water looks nearly black and the crests of the waves shimmer in silver...

I've come to the conclusion that I've been different from the day I was born and I was going to live my life according to my rules... forget trying to fit in...I am the proverbial square peg in the round hole

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I am super pale too. The only makeup I can wear that totally matches is True Match and I am a cheap skate so it sucks buying expensive makeup. I am a palest one on the shade chart. :( <br />
So I totally understand and I have to wear the goo stuff that makes my skin all oily which is <br />
SPF 75+ that costs like 12.00 a bottle when the normal stuff is 7.00 a bottle.

Hurray!!! Nice story...

Being a keen photographer, I'm sure you realise the extreme beauty in your own porcelain skin. Rejoice in your purity.

gosh, i'm sorry about the skin cancer... <br />
<br />
yeah, I've been extra crispy myself and it'[s just too much wasted time maintaining<br />
<br />
thanks for the sexy compliment... my skin practically glows at night