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I guess I joined this group after my friend was teasing me and told me "For the love of god , get under a tanning lamp and tan!!"

I had not realized till then , how , here where I live so many people are running after the elusive perfect tan ..

some get it right though in a deadly way .. ei ... ( my friend puts baby oil on and sits under the sun)...

or they run to tanning salons and come out looking like they have hepatitis ....

or they buy a fake tan in a bottle and look like a freaky pshychodelic zebra ....

Anyway you slice it .. though each think they got it right .. they really dont...

I may not be in fashion with the cinnamon skin that looks lovely on all the photoshopped , botoxed within an inch of their life ,hollywood stars ...

But I think there is something to be said for healthy skin, that is soft and unburned , that has not been doused with chemicals so that I can fit in to some stereotypical beauty that will change in a few years anyway .

Yeps I am a pale among the Tans .. and damn happy about it ....Just call me Paleface the white kitti !! LOL

Kitti out !!
softkitti softkitti 22-25, F 49 Responses Nov 6, 2010

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Good for you, stand your Ground. Nothing wrong with being fair skinned.

Well said and you're a good example to others. Who wants to have leather sink at 40? Some folks just don't think before the act.

White skin enhances the look of the different colours on other parts of your body especially dark nipples smile

The sun ain't nothing to play with, glad you know better than to put your skin through that. Besides, I would take self-esteem over tans anyday.

Ok, Paleface the white kitty! :D

I'm with you there! I know many women in their 30's who look older and have terrible looking skin from overexposure to UV. I prefer the "Gothic/vampire" skin anyday!

Your dark hair and deep eyes tell a story against your Alabaster skin, so sexy so soft, so inviting, a song only poets can hear and lovers can sing.

My goodness , this comment was so poetic and romantic .. I think I will swoon .. *swoons* there I told you I would =-D

Am enjoying reading you, Paleface the white kitti :)

lol ...woo hoo =-D

And I really should make time to pop round and visit again soon :)

I love to carice ur white skin

Vagabond thank you very much sir =-D<br />
<br />
emce *hugs* I hope every thing stays cool with you and your checkups and Yes I think your right!=-)<br />
<br />
Thank you sweet Ex.. I dont uderstand why they dont listen to my wisdom * pogos out of post wearing a pink tutu and juggling neon green bowling pins *=-D

ahh play .. the beauty of the orange tinted fashionista =-D one of my friends went to this new fake tan place .. where they spray you like they spray paint on a car .. came out this sickly orange looking color .. with her auburn hair lets just say ...Yowzers !

I don't see why everybody feels the need to be tan. I think it's great but for all the things that can go wrong while trying to achieve that perfect tan, your better off owning up to your natural ability. Pale skin can be very exotic in these days of leathery skin and orange tints.

lol... lookinin that is a big win .. my mom is very pale also has stayed out of the sun always protected her skin from the sun and is always mistaken as my sister !<br />
<br />
perfect I hear you my friend , I am half italian half spanish so to alot of people think I should be olive complexion but suprise .. I am whiter than a vampire !!!=-D

I like being pale. In the summer I try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. When I was younger I just didn't like to lay out and tan like everyone else. Now that I'm older I'm glad that I had that mind-set. People say I don't look my age, 35, which is a big ego boost sometimes:)

yes tawam being yourself in all things is the most important thing thank u so much for your comment =-D

well people are paying more to become white or pale and some are willing to go on tanning machine but why would you do it and not be happy for what natural look that God gift to you well i know some are not happy but i guess being what you are counts alot.....

lol why thank you Oscar , inner color I like that ! Yes I am tanned to perfect in my soul =-D thanks for your comments

If you were any other way, you would not be you. Your radiant color comes from within.

So...I take it your avatar isn't you....hmm...pale is good too. Julian Moore, Renee Zellweger, Nicole Kidman...should I go on? No one would ever say they aren't attractive. Besides...nothing like soft "white" pillows to sink into...right?

*smooches & tackles again for good measure* :) Yay, my baby mitten is back!!!! xo...

yayayay smooches and tackles girl billy is exactly what I love !!=-P

You are a white Kitti because you are my baby Kitti and I am a big white lion. Actually, I am pretty tan right now because I was so depressed, I felt like I needed to be outside and spend some time in the sun. It works. I always feel better after I go outside. I forget how nice it is when I stay in all the time. *gives the sweetest whitest little Kitti ever a huge hug, a smooch & a tickle*

we will vampire haunt the town together then gonnboy .. the tannies will never get us =-P

*high fives ssss * viva the pale revolution =-D

High Fives Gurl! exactly what I was thinking

woo hoo redheads are some beautiful peeps for sure . yes we should form an anti tan movement !!=-D

Singermom high five .. yeps I have learned a while ago that not even the people we see on screen are really them .. they have good lighting , photoshop , botox , collagen and camera angles ..Thanks far you comments ...

Better pale and smooth than brown and wrinkled. Or red and speckled...which is what happens to me if I try to tan. Ignore Hollywood and the magazines and you'll be a lot happier with yourself.

Iaf ...XD .. that eddie in your avatar looks like one hot stud muffin .. if it aint broke dont let me fix it ... *giggles* thank you darling for your comment .<br />
<br />
Ahh Dwar ... I come here and empty the muse tank hoping the hamster in the wheel that serves as my brain gets a rest but noooo... he starts all over again !!! thanks for commenting =-D

You have a great talent for ex<x>pression. I liked this musing a lot.