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Ever hear the saying "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"? well this wasnt just said to claim the queen or snow white as a good sport. Fairest ment beautiful. They called it fair becuase fair pale skin is beautiful. I love my pale skin. i don't want to look like one of those girls who look like fire hydrants with halloween wigs on. my boyfriend think my skin is pretty too. i'm ver pale. i could never be yan because i have a minor allergy to the sun. just a little rash nothin big. Plus i don't tan i burn. Pale skin is graceful i think. it's used in a lot of art work for a reason. it's beautiful. how many works of art do you see a red lobster in it?
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ok, so i am half Italian. and I tan so pretty and brown. natural tan not tanning bed tan. i always thought pale skin was pretty scary honestly and i never understood why pales can't get nutrition from the sun. do you know as to why by any chance?

for some reason it wont let me put in my real age, i'm 17

You are older than me but it is SOO true pale skin IS beautiful i am very pale and have blonde hair i am called a vampire a lot and i just say "its better than fake tan" ;) pale people rock!!

lol pale people rock! watever floats your boat is great!! ;p