Milky White.

I am very pale, i never really liked that much but i hate fake women who have fake hair and fake eyelashes and fake tan and fake everything else. I have darkish reddish brown hair and dark eyebrows and it shows of my pale skin.
I have been told i need to get in the sun or that i should use spray on tan, i was told my skin is milky white.
Is that a bad thing?
I want to be happy about being pale but in a world where everybody must tan to look good its pretty hard.
What do you think? Are you happy being pale.
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15 Responses Nov 16, 2011

If you are naturally pale you should accept it and move on. Don't worry what others think. Besides pale girls look great at the beach.

Love yourself exactly as you are.

Pale with dark hair can be a powerful beauty statement. <br />
Don't hit the tanning bed, they are fake and dangerious. reval in your own personal power.

im very happy being pale .............

I find pale milky whit skin very attractive and sexy!

yes iv been called pasty............... but i like the color of my skin .....

I think you are an original in a world of rampant conformity.

Stay pale, and stay out of the sun, I am fair skinned and spent yeras in the sun - now I have big problems with melanoma's.<br />
<br />
You are who you are, dont change it for anyone.

so true i hate that too i think tan makes women looks so fake i never like woman with tan.

I'm not exactly tan either, haha. I'm happy about being different, from the masses of people that strive to fit a set of standards that aren't even theirs. I love that you see the fake-ness of people the same way I do, it's rare to find a woman that thinks that way and actually means it, instead of conforming to impress some shallow people they want attention from. It's hard to watch, almost every girl I know is busy obsessing with their makeup and hair for hours every day, and trying to lose weight when they're already at the point where they should be trying to gain some.. Authenticity in a person means much more to me, than any combination of fake qualities.

I'm happy being pale. People always tell me i should tan and i tell them they should get a nose job. It's rude to tell a person to change themselves for the likings of others. It's so gross when you see an orange sprayed tan lady with bleach blonde hair. It's not sexy to me at all. I support pale all the way!

Bleach blond hair and faked deep tan skin.. look pretty aweful.. Don't know why some women do it, if they do then they also need to color their hair to match with their skin color. I think..!!

agreed :)

there is nothing wrong with milky white skin I think it is very sexy. you are a very beautiful women so next time someone says something stupid about your beautiful skin tell them to go **** their selves. lol :)

you should always be happy with your self &amp; never let others judge you cause they are not go so they don't have the right to Rose McGowan ugly? How about Nicole Kidman? I don't think so. Not too many pale girls where I live now, but...I've been attracted to proud and accentuate to bring out the best!

I'm really fair as well. I've never really tanned, apart from bronzer in the summer (Benefit makes a good one for fair skin. Try it if you want a bit of summer colour!) Other than that, I'm fine with being fair now. It can be hard to find a good foundation thought, grrrr....

i'll slap u so hard ur fake pic will fade you brown trash!

They tell me the same thing ! Don't listen , I have been told forever to go to a fake tanning salon to get some color . But I focus on my skin being healthy and it is . Be who you are enjoy your skin and let the haters hate ! =-D