I Would Hate It

I would hate it if I were tan.  I've never thought tans looked good on anyone.  Plus, tans just cause sun cancer.  I like being really pale.  Pale people are more beautiful than tanned people in my opinion.  I remember wearing shorts one day back when I was in high school, and my art teacher telling me that I had the whitest legs she'd ever see and that I was blinding her.  I loved that compliment even though she didn't mean it that way, haha



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I am not pale but still white and I do agree with you! I will never understand what's so cool about tanning, it's so unhealthy!

i'm like tan to tan.. i soo wanna be pale.. ugghh!!!. .. and some people whose pale already don't like it. why oh why.. just please give me your paleness. you can have my tanned skin..

You might have the answer. As a kid in Australia I would be out in the sun all the time, and during holidays down at the beach all day. No hat, just body against the sun. I am now 58 and had one melanoma cut out and other minor problems. Others could appear. So stay out of the sun. You are OK.

PirlHarbour, i am half american of german and swiss descent and half mediterranean. my skin is very light and i have a problem with the sun. i get sun strokes easily, faint and sometimes even puked from the sun and high temperatures, though that's not really related to the skin. i burn easily and don't really know if i have the capacity to tan since i avoid the sun. about skin tones, i agree with Unbekannte. if someone has a natural tan it's nice, but if it's fake, nah. it's funny how you put 'extremely white "beautiful" skin' in quotes. isn't it also beautiful? i find it most appealing. like breslyn said, especially with dark brown hair, or rather raven black hair for me. i wish i had long raven black hair. super straight. and enough money for plastic surgery :p

right now i am tan and i hate it...i'm really pale but tan easily and quickly and i almost never burn. i wish i was paler cause i think white skin is the most attractive of all. especially pale skin and dark brown hair...i think that looks super pretty, like a doll, or maybe an angel. tan people don't have that look at all. being pale is beautiful, unique and rare. people can always get spray tans or just lie out in the sun. not everyone has that porcelain skin that everyone seems to refer to as 'sickly'.

I burn like a vampire in direct sunlight.As long as I have over 70 spf I may be okay though.I agree.I never thoguht tans looked good on anyone.Not only do they cause skin cancer,but they also cause freckles and wrinkles before the average age to get them.

Good for you. I am olive skinned, definitely not white as Americans define white. I am of Mediterranean stock and love the color of my skin also. I never burn but just tan slowly and don't stay in the sun for fear of skin cancer also. I guess I am a little luckier than you in that regard. I see beauty in ALL skin shades and find any one obsessed with their color whatever that may be a tad weird. <br />
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However, this is a public forum and you have every right to express your need to self congratulate for a hereditary trait that bares dubious redeeming qualifiers. Take historical note that eventually white folk will face the fate of the Dodo, extinction through the evolutionary process. Yes, the sun for extremely white "beautiful" skin is the kiss of death also the racial migration throughout the planet. I prefer focusing on the content of my character than the color of my skin. Now that is something I can work on and be proud of one day long after the skin sags and I find my **** in my shoes.<br />
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BTW, nice photo of Dita Von Teese are you whiter than her?

i tan very little in the sun, so i have to be careful cause i had ca. cant expose my skin.