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Ask Me If I Care

I can get tan if i want to but I choose not to. If I try to get tan my freckles will come out and I hate my freckles. They just dont fit me well. Id rather be pale with no freckles than tan with a bunch of freckles. Ill get a spray tan first lol
angeliceyes11 angeliceyes11 18-21, F 1 Response Jun 27, 2012

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Wait some of us like freckles. :) I'm in the same boat. I'm pale skinned and with the walking I'm doing my arms, legs, neck and lower part of my head are taking a beating. At least my arms are tanning finally. At this rate I'm going to look like a wizened sailor.

Some people do like freckles. I like them too, just not on me lol. I can tan pretty easily. I just dont like my freckles getting darker and bigger

Understandable, I just don't want to become a wrinkled prune after a decade of sun exposure. :)

lol there are some people my age that are already pruning from tanning beds