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I Just Realized I Am Turned Off By The 'zebra Effect.'

I have written about being more attracted to fair skin and the probability of it coming from not being able to be in the sun so much. It doesn't seem to matter that I'm Latin. I just like fair skin better.

Well just recently I discovered that I find the 'zebra effect' completely unattractive. Not just less attractive like tan vs. fair skin. You know what I mean, that dark-lite stripes you see when a person tans excessively while wearing a bathing suit and then takes it off.

It made the normally shaded/covered points on her body stand out as if painted with a highlighter. It was so unnatural looking that I couldn't get past it.

I can't wait till the fall and this crazy melanoma race ends. lol
FlauntTheImperfections FlauntTheImperfections 41-45, M 3 Responses Jul 2, 2012

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I hear you! I am not a fan of that look either, but I must confess that I like tan lines if there is not a huge difference between the tones. <br />
<br />
Naturally tanning from being outdoors is cool, but I will never understand this fixation with having a super dark tan. Its certainly not for me!

:) Healthy exposure to sun is great. It is the striped french fry under a heat lamp that kills me.

My wife has a friend who does that, and her skin looks like leather. Its hard to imagine that she finds that attractive?

UG. I know it. My mother in law does that. By the end of summer, she looks dessicated and dark, almost like tree bark.

It worked for the Fruit Striped Gum character. Lol<br />
In Victorian times, fair skin was considered to be beautiful and almost fit for royalty so to speak. Nowadays people have carried it to extreme. Look at that one lady who looked overbaked that was accused of taking her child into the tanning salon. It's ridiculous...we should be happy "as is," and if a bit of Vitamin D happens to befall us via the sun, great, if not, "great."

LOL I agree. Sun as it happens. I do take Vit-D from time to time but oddly enough, it gives me headaches if I take the recommended dose.

i like tan lines !

The lines themselves? To me they are kind of like grill marks on a steak. :) I don't mind a faded transition as much but the really stark difference in tone got to me this one day.