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Pale Is Awesome!

I'm proud of my paleness. Pale skin and dark hair/makeup are absolutely beautiful.
I honestly don't see the attraction in the Oompa Loompa look. Not to mention the skin damage you're causing yourself. I'd rather not resemble the skin of an alligator when I'm 50, thanks.
dollfacezombie dollfacezombie 22-25, F 1 Response Jul 23, 2012

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I couldn't agree more.

I've always been drawn to pale girls, whether they be redheads, blondes or brunettes.

I'm also really attracted to Asian girls and mocha-colored girls, lol...
But when it comes to white girls I definitely prefer pale.

Snow White... Winona Ryder... Christina Ricchi... and every single girl I ever met from Ireland or Scotland...

It's funny that you used the "Oompa Loompa' analogy, that's what I always say about the fake-bake look as well.