Pale and Proud!

I am just naturally pale. I live in Scotland and we didn't have a summer this year(well okay, we had a week of sunshine but that was it).

You see all these girls walking around with fake, orange tan, trying to look like they've just got back from Italy or Hollywood, but it looks so fake and costs a fortune. What's the point?

Be proud of your colour I say. Be it, black, olive skinned, white or err, alabaster!

AnimeAnima AnimeAnima
22-25, F
3 Responses Sep 7, 2008

Too funny , I'm a glow in the dark, pale mick as well. Sun is not my friend. Live in SCal too...

i don't tan, fortunately i don't usually burn either. i just get hot and sticky.

I live in Los Angels and everyone has a natural tan and I stick out because I'm Irish and blindingly white, but I love it. Plus I think that trying to become tan is just a trend. I agree with you AA just be proud of who you are.