I have a largely Scottish heritage, and with it comes red-brown hair, a lanky build, and exceptionally pale skin. I burn within minutes of indirect sunlight...and am simply incapable of tanning. Burning hurts and is unhealthy in general; as such, I use sunblock year-round and try to keep my skin covered when outdoors if I can (though I don't do well with heat in general, so unfortunately I can't handle long sleeves and pants in the sticky summers here).

Personally, I like my pale skin; I think all skin tones can be attractive, and since I have this one why not take care of it?

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Pale skin is way underrated. Tan skin can look nice but it gets rough and tough, especially when someone stays constantly tan all year. Pale skin is beautiful, soft and supple. Nothing better!

Fake tan goo leaves my skin orange (I tried it once when I was younger). I've never had a real tan (or been any other color than very white or very red), and don't plan on trying; I doubt it would be possible anyway and why bother? I like what I have, and will appreciate darker color on others instead.<br />
I like the paleness and the bits of freckles I do have, and hopefully will keep my skin from being damaged more in the future.

a fair maiden...what could be better?

i am pale to sometimes i use faketan but it does not last long and can leave a funny ouder your entry is inspiaring.

Embrace the skin you have. I live where everyone tans year round it seems and they don't know when to stop. i guess they enjoy having the leather look. I don't tan but if I am outside I use block and get color easily. pale is wonderful!