The Curse of the White Skin.

I'm so pale and my skin burns so easily I have to wear long clothes even during a heatwave. I can't use a sunscreen either, because it causes a very bad rash and it burns too. My skin is over-sensitive.

After a few very bad experiences with burnt skin I've come to avoid sunlight at all costs.

Of course I think my skin is beautiful and it's fun to amaze people with my paleness, but I've also suffered a lot because of it. I was bullied because of it when I was a child. Red hair, green eyes and pale skin was a clear sign that I was a witch, demon child and a freak. Other children would pull my shirt off when I was outside, or they would call me names like Snow White, Vampire, Dracula and the like.

But now I'm finally coming to terms with my skin color, it's not a mark of the devil, it's just different, exotic and beautiful. I've learned to love myself and my skin color.
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consider yourself lucky! i wish i was a redhead with green eyes! i've always wished i were a natural redhead. :) i understand your deal with sensitive skin; i have eczema and i also get sunburn easily. i don't even look pale but i do have light skin. i used to be able to tan just fine but nowadays i really burn...i might still have some scars from sunburning last summer. it was horrible. but whatever you have, always learn to love yourself for who you are. don't ever lose your dignity because of the way someone judged you or how you judged yourself too harshly. i'm happy that you are able to love yourself. :)

I'm really pale too and I'm also slightly allergic to Paraben's which can be found in almost all skin-care including sun-cream so I know how you feel about trying to avoid the sun at all costs :(

I too am ultra-pale. I hate being so white that I cannot possibly tan. I live in Australia where it is mostly quite warm and I fear wearing shorts because of my pasty skin. I burn in seconds. I may have met 2 or 3 people in my entire life who were whiter than I am. Seriously…my kingdom for a tan! Scenesse (Afamelanotide) may come to the rescue when it's finally approved but I bet it will cost a fortune.

Thank you. I've come to think of myself as a beautiful person.

I am surprised you are allergic to sunscreen, but I suppose I shouldn't be. My Mom is allergic to Paba, which used to be a common ingredient in sunscreen. I am glad that you have come to terms with how you look, in Victorian times you would be considered a rare beauty with such pale skin :-)