I'm so pale I look fully white.And people seemed to be shocked to see all my family is mexican and only my father is white.but my father is even tanner than me!lol I'm the whitest mexican you'll ever meet probably.But, i like being pale, i guess it just suits me.But, of course i could live without the sunburn and getting red after only 15 minutes in the sun.

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lol, i can relate--i'll step outside for just a bit and figure i shouldn't bother with sunscreen...big mistake! any longer than 10 minutes and i'm redder than a lobster.<br />
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i like my paleness, though. i'm proud of it. my family is irish-italian, so there are others with fair skin, but i'm just about the palest of the pale. i love my spf 50, lol!

If you ever want to mix things up and feel compelled to add a little color, there are some great bronzing creams out there. Even a lotion like Victoria's Secret Angels with the teeny tiny little specks of glitter would add a nice shimmer to your complexion. Luckily right now, with the whole vampire phenomenon from the Twilight Saga, True Blood and the Vampire Chronicles...White is the new tan. lol<br />
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As far as the sunburn, no one, and I mean no one should be soaking in the sun without sun protection on. Even those with tan skin can get skin damage from the sun.<br />
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***********Be proud of the skin your in.*************

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