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Pale Is Beautiful

All my life i've had stick about how pale I am, off family and people I don't even know! My family thinks it's funny to make up names about me,  names such as casper (very origional) and make comments how 'I look like i've been dead for 6 months and dug up!'. To make matters worse (according to a very mean controlling mother) I don't wear make-up so I look terrible.

I used to dread summer time because I hated showing off my pale arms and legs. So I got into the whole fake tan thing, what a pain that is. You have to worry that it's not streaky, that it's blended in properly, you can't sit on anything pale incase it rubs off onto it, oh and not to mention the smell. I used to smell like a walking curry!

Finally I come to my senses and thought 'enough!' There are lots of famous beautiful pale skinned women out there and I thought they don't seem to worry about not looking orange and their accepted. I think that was my problem I felt like I didn't 'fit in' and therefore wouldn't be accepted. Sounds silly I know but I do suffer from poor self esteem. Anyway i've decided that i'm lovely just the way I am, it's taken a long time to realise that but now I feel more confident about my pale skin. If it's good enough for Nicole Kidman then it's good enough for me! Who wants to smell like curry anyway?!

Evernight Evernight 31-35, F 7 Responses Nov 3, 2009

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Thanks for all your lovely comments and support! *hugs* xx

Whoa, it seems as if some of us have been scorched by things other than the sun..tootsie, I am sorry you have had such a bad time..I am extremely pale, and if I go barelegged, even I think I'm floating..My experience with a tanning bed is above, and my dislike of the sun, has been since I can hardly remember, a tot, and I avoided going out at all costs. the humor bestowed upon me, was It Cruel, by some, perhaps, but my innate intuitions about avoiding it has turned me into a much knowledged adult, so that nnow I look at tanners as the freaks..We aren't, we are highly intelligent people who avoided Cancer, and the worst, Wrinkles..I am 57 now, and I still look like my avatar, no ****. the tiny loose skin is from losing wt off and on, and I can hide that with my constant smiling face..which I suggest you do, no you laugh, at the scumbags you come across, Laughter they say is the best medicine, ..but it's even the best last nail driven into your abusers COFFINS..So, make youself happy, smile and laff "em to death, and you GO GIRL..Chipperchickalwayshasasmileonherreallybeautifulfaceuntouchedbytherays.

Again, I thunk I was the only ghost out ther, but I did turn purple with darker purple spots when I went to a TANNING BED, sooo, as it turns out now I have an excuse, cause, I am allergic to the SUN. Great excuse, and no wrinkles for me,. Any body got a Burka for sale?

I think pale porcelain milky white skin on a woman is beautiful, and I prefer it! The more white and creamy the better! There is a sense of tender softness, sensitivity and vulnerability with a very fair-skinned woman that I love! I must confess that it does go along with my tickle fetish... white ticklish skin is so delicious!

im super pale. i get sunburned easily. I dont wear makeup hardly ever. <br />
<br />
I like it when people just have their natural hair color, and skin color. healthy is beautiful.

I'm pale also, but when people used to tease me about it, I always said, "at least I won't die of skin cancer." Plus, have you ever noticed how stupid fake and bakers look during the winter? It makes my nose crinkle. My mom tans so horribly that she looks like she's black, and I'm so pale I look almost transparent. It's not that big of a deal to me, because I know that my skin is healthy, and my mom complains about wrinkles every day.

Good for you for accepting yourself the way you are! I too am very light skinned, I don't tan well and I have always hated the 'super tan' look. I have had a range of bad comments about being pale but also have had compliments on how nice my skin looks, so milky white and smooth etc. Its too bad your family doesn't realize that.<br />
<br />
The way I see it, when I am older, people like us will have the last laugh (so to speak) when all these over tanned ones will be dealing with tons of wrinkles from over exposure and probably (but hopefully not) skin cancer.<br />
<br />
Enjoy the skin your in.....its beautiful!