“The victorious Gaza”!!

Is a something I have been reading around recently!

A lie that is made up by Hamas and is spread by dumb Palestinians, dumb Palestinians like my sister, brother and friends, normal individuals who seem to be dreamy, over optimistic, and perhaps also disconnected from the world.

I have better slogans and perhaps more realistic?
Like The destroyed Gaza? The murdered Gaza? The oppressed Gaza? What do you think?

Did Gaza really win now? When hundreds of people die, thousands get injured, and whoever is living is living in fear and is displaced because their homes are gone, while on the other hand we did not manage to scratch Israel, is that in your opinion a victory? If this is a victory, I really wonder what an outright loss is! I wonder like any sensible Palestinian!!

Will you wake up from your dreams and stop repeating stupid useless chants, chants that were first made and said by the leaders who know exactly what’s going on, and just want everybody to follow their lead. They fool your brains with false victory, and although the truth is very clear, I think a lot of you are just dumb enough to think that when hundreds of people are murdered, we have achieved victory! Hooray!

Enough of you are dumb enough to spread pictures of new born with a dumb caption: Thousands died and other thousands are born… Sorry, it is not a matter of number now, it may be a matter of number to the leaders you are naively following and are spreading these lies unconsciously for them, but no, as for myself, I do NOT believe that those who died think it is okay for them to die just because there are other thousands on the way to “replace” them. Although you would claim the opposite, that those who died are happy to die, they are brave and just gave their life away. No, they didn’t, they were forcibly murdered, so just get over it and admit it. I don’t think they were the happiest ever when Israel bombed them, have some common sense, please!!!!!

Clearly our “brave” MASKED fighters are not brave enough to expose their identity; they are not willing to take responsibility. I say for our "brave" fighters, “fight” for us, let the innocent die and let the dumb chant for you.

Sorry, but I am NOT a dumb Palestinian, and a lot of other Palestinians are NOT dumb either! Palestinians like my father, I never understood why he opposed you dumb fighters, now I know he probably knew how useless you are and he didn’t buy your lies, thankfully I don’t buy your dumb lies either and if this is victory, THEN I DO NOT WANT THIS VICTORY! I do not want a victory that is stained with the blood of the Palestinians; I do NOT want a FALSE FAKE victory. Enough is enough!

MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
Aug 20, 2014