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One of my many friends and fans here at EP requested that I post a story about this, so here goes.

It is true that I am blessed to be married to a magnificent man who pampers and spoils me relentlessly. He is master of his world, successful, accomplished, wealthy, and attends to every detail of our lives together. Under his loving care, I want for nothing. He provides for all my needs, including food, shelter, clothing, protection, health care, entertainment, transportation, just everything.

I do not see how any woman can ever be expected to surrender control of herself and to give herself body and soul to any man who is not well able to provide for her and for her children. I think every wife should be in total submission to her husband, which is why I counsel women to be very careful about choosing a husband. To be worthy of a woman's submission, a man must have proven ability and adequate resources to care for his woman. If a woman is to become his most prized possession, belonging to him completely, then he must live a disciplined life, a balanced life, displaying the highest character. How can any man ever accept responsibility for the control of a wife, if he is not able to control himself? He cannot be flawed or weak, but must be a manly man, virile and vigorus, an example to all men of what a man is intended to be. He must be accomplished and successful, completely capable and well able to exercise control of his wife.

I reccomend that women marry a man who is older, one whom they look up to and admire, one who is above them in both experience and wisdom. He must be able to be their teacher and mentor, guiding and directing their development, molding them into his most prized possession. No wife should ever be left to her own devices, as that is a plan for disaster. Women need and want a man who takes complete control of them. Left on their own, women will inevitably attack, tear down, belittle and try to destroy that very thing that they so need and that is so key to their happiness. Lacking the loving but firm guidance of their magnificent husband, women will almost certainly make themselves miserable and will do their very best to make their husband miserable as well.

it is no small responsibiity to accept control of a wife. Not every man is up to the task. Many men will neglect their duty, and will wind up with an undisciplined wife who is in rebellion to their husband's authority. It is the man's fault for allowing this to happen, which is why women must choose their husband very carefully.

To enjoy the blissful happiness that is the natural result of surrendering herself to a masterful husband, a woman must be her own best asset. She must not only carefully choose her husband, but she must eagerly accept his teaching and lessons. She must embrace his guidance and direction, knowing that every minute detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem to her at the time, is for her own good, and that her husband is simply doing his duty and insuring that she knows exactly what is expected of her. A man may tolerate the rebelliousness and stiff-necked resistance of his wife for some period of time, but eventually he will demand her submission to his will, or else he will abandon her for another wife who is more easily molded into the wife of his dreams.

I see so many women who chose their husband so poorly. And I see so many women who are so unhappy because they refuse to be in submission to their husband. They abound and even though they are unhappy with their marriages, they refuse to admit that it is their own willfull stubborn selfishness that is the root cause of their problems.

If a woman wants to be pampered and spoiled, basking in the loving care of her magnificent masterful husband, then she owes it to herself to learn these lessons and to accept the reality of being the perfect submissive wife.
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Beautifully written! I agree and although total submission is a relatively new thing for me I am trying to get it right and am enjoying the journey. More importantly my husband is enjoying the new me and is working on defining my limits. I have never been an awful shrew and rarely go to extremes with my behavior but it is still a challenge to submit in everything but the benefits far outweigh the challenges. We are still both learning our roles but so far it has been wonderful!

I am so very happy for you both. Warm Kisses, Zoe.

I competely agree with you. When I married my husband I quit working. Everyday I put on my makeup had the home clean and dinner ready. Over the years he has said things to me that were quite painfull. Then I did rebel and found another man who I was with for fifteen years. I was not strong enough to leave and the other man had an addiction. So now I find <br />
Myself still in this marriage and asking him to step up and be the <br />
Man so I can soften and be a woman. I was with another man recently . My husband and I have not had sex for seven years.. The man stepped into the shower and I held out my arms for his clothes.. He looked at me and said babe I have never had anyone treat me this way.. Do you do this for your husband? I told him I used to .. I miss being that woman!!

Good for you. Enjoying sex is a freedom that no sane, healthy human should ever give up. You have basic needs that must be met. That is only rational and normal. Romantic love is for your husband alone, but sexual pleasure can and should be found where it may be found. Your marriage sounds hellish to me, and I do not know enough about it to offer any solutions, but certainly making sure your need for sex is met will help clear your mind and allow you to focus on your marriage.

I thank you for taking time to write to me Zoe! I read your words and tears were in my eyes . Yes I need to find a way to connect with my husband and let him know he is my romantic partner. And yes you are right in that my own insecurities get in my way . I have bought sexy lingerie which has been sitting unused in my cedar chest. I think about seducing him and find that many excuses pop up in my head. He needs the respect and admiration that a husband deserves. Action not words is what is needed. I took a lover last year that I only see a few times a year. The contrast is stark. My lover is everything a woman could want on paper. Except he is not available and a great deal younger. He also mitigates truth. He has an alias and lives a secret life ..He is a wild man sexually. Loves orgies and more .. My husband is a simple man with strong values and is a quiet sweet guy. So I have found that I need to step up and be in this marriage the way I used to be .. Wanting to please him and in return be loved. I hope I can do this because I know there are no fairy tale endings .. I am past the due date for another marriage and do not like the choices I see women my age are making. Wish me luck Zoe! I will keep reading your words until I know them in my heart . I do believe that you have a view on women that resonates within me.

Wow, I am blown away by your response. Overwhelmed by the emotions you share. Surely your husband, being a man of high character, will recognize how eager you are to please him and how much you crave his attention and affection. Surely he will see in you, what I see, and will be compelled towards you.

Very good!

Thank you kind sir.

You both are very blessed to have found each other at the time you did. It sounds like you've gained his wisdom and learned well from his teachings. I admire the trust you have in him and it's easy to recognize the love he has for you. Kudos to you both. Thank you for sharing your insight.<br />
<br />
I've loved reading your stories all these years. <br />
Thank you for allowing us, your EP friends, into your life.

You make me think about the past years and all the time I have spent sharing expereinces here on EP. It seems surreal to me that I have friends and fans that have been reading about my life now for years, enjoying my experiences, my spirituality, my eroticism and my philosophy. To some of you, I am so well known by now, and yet we have never really met at all. Isn't that somehow very unreal? I love that you love what I write and I am so grateful and appreciative for all my friends and fans here. Warm Kisses.

you are an amazing woman darling, your words are always thought provoking and very inspiring for me. being the perfect submissive wife that you have mentioned is capable of ruling and heart and mind of her husband and could be princess and queen of his dream.

Yes, indeed. There is power in submission. No doubt.

oh yes i most certainly agree. I have had this power 20 years ago and i do treasure the memories.