It All Made Sence.

I learned about pansexuality when I was a bout 13 or 14. It got me thinking. I knew that I liked boys as well as girls. But I didn't feel like bisexual was the right label. I didn't actually comeout either. My mom sorta just, knew. After that, everybody knew. I was a part of the GSA at my school. I got so tired of explaining what pansexual was that I just started saying "I like people. Gay, straight, bi, transgender. Male, Female. Whatever." I mostly had to explain that to people in PE. I've never actually talked about my sexuality with my family. Once they found out it was a "whatever" situation. My mom and stepdad don't give a damn. My mom even encourages me to teach my brother and sister about different orientations and gender labels. It's just one of those thing's that isn't weird or anything to us. My friends all know. And again, it's never talked about because it's normal for us. We were apart of the theatre and choir departments at our school. I mean, you can't be apart of the fine arts and not expect to see homosexuality, right? But we still get looked down upon by people who didn't understand. We were still told that we were going to hell for thinking it was OK to be "that way". It doesn't bother us. Because in the end, we're the ones who are happy.
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I apologize if my spelling is bad guys. I don't know how I made it thru school because there's always some sort of spelling error.

That's what I'm going through right now, minus the parents part.

yup, my highschool never understood, kids wouldn't change at PE if i was there. I have dated a transvestite and a previous hermaphrodite.