Ive accepted what I am. Its not a bad thing in my eyes nor was it ever a bad thing. I just wanted to find out why to some people I would be really attracted to them even if it wasnt a female. I then looked up all of the "sexualities" and ran into "Pansexual".Its seemed to fit. I seen a female,a man,a transgender,Ive seen it all and at one time or another I found myself being attracted to them. I seen beauty in all of them. All I see is beautiful people and I want to be with them,love them if I can.

My problem is a weird one. If I see a male that is attractive,I have no problem talking to him as a normal person. But when it comes to talking to a gorgeous female,I feel like a little kid stumbling over my words. I have ran into a transgender person and I had no problem talking to them. Something about females makes me different. I guess I can say I would prefer being with a female but my experiences with males were just as satisfying.
Daphney1001 Daphney1001
18-21, M
Feb 2, 2012