What I See,...

..., I have seen a lot in this 54 years. I have met people that I could not like, many I could, and a few I loved more than they realized. I see the spirit I think-not the body, not the things they have or what they define themselves as and in that, anyone could be a friend for me. I "try" to be true to this action. I can say tho that I see the person's inner strengths and how they live up to their own proclamations of those strentgths. I like to be with stronge spirits. I think, like I feel most do, that there are universal issues that bring like minded folks together. It's not their sex, their form, but that thing that moved on after they pass on. I believe in multiple lives if one so wished to move back and try it again. I don't think God is threatenned by this idea. So I can "love" the spirit of the person I meet in this life. I can say that at this time in my life, as in all this life I enjoy the loving relationship that a Female affords me. I am drawn to it thru my nature. I have dear Male friends that I can say I truly LOVE, but I am driven by the want to breed. I'd have more young if I could afford it-but at my age, I will leave that to the bucks. I still make sexual Love as if I was trying to sire s child. If this was not in my make-up, I really don't know if sex would be that big of a thing to me,..., but it is. And as for dear friends of both sexes-sleeping and just being close is a wonderful thing so I have no idea where this fits in the "World of PAN". I really do not see "Panism" as a physical sexual way-It's for me, the love of the spirits and if that love takes "Human form", well then it was meant to. In this idea I can honestly say, and friends will witnessto it, that besides my son, I love my dogs the most-and it's way beyond anything "sexual". We connect in the spirit world, a moment that rarely happens with me and my own species. The Love I have for my Rotties is one that calms my spirit, tells me all will be well, and is my true taste of what pure "LOVE" really is. It might sound a bit "off" but that unconditional LOVE that dogs have is so beyond the Human Race in the physical form.

So I am a "PAN",..., period. All the lower forms of "love" can come into it for me but really, I invite the spirits first, they last longer than the physical relationships do sad to say.
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1 Response Feb 21, 2012

I get this...so get this. And the dogs...you're right. Unconditional,spiritual,pure. We could just be kindred spirits.