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Hi. I am new to this group and here's my introduction... I am female and pansexual.

To be honest...I never thought to myself that I would be pansexual, since before highschool I only was interested in men and only dated men. Until, I watched a movie about two girls falling in love with one another. Which at first I thought was odd, mainly because I never really saw it before, and I was about to turn it off ( i was dating a guy at the time and felt strange to have those feelings towards women), when I had an interest in watching the movie and...well...questioning my sexuality too. It was the weirdest thing and the most positive thing I ever felt before :) Afterwards, well months afterwards...I started to have a crush on my best friend at school. I was happy to tell her I, then, identified as bisexual and liked her, which didn't make her happy...So that's how that started.

Anyway, since then I've dated a transgendered girl, some guys and now I am happily dating a girl, who I love :D Honestly, before I started dating her. I didn't really care, guy, girl, whoever...even though I was looking for girl...I constantly reminded myself that it really didn't matter to me in the end, just as long as they suited me and I suited them. Until, she started talking to me on fb. Im actually quite shy when I talk to a girl I'm interested in, especially when we started talking.

The word pansexual is kinda new to me...and when I heard it about a year ago. I thought, "Oh, that is right for me". Ever since highschool, I've been struggling with a label. "Straight wasn't right anymore, lesbian wasn't right either, bisexual, umm yes, I will call myself that"..Until, I saw the word pansexual. It is even more true now then ever before before. I love being myself and I am in love with my gf. She is the mainly the reason, among other things lol, why I identify as pansexual <3

I also wonder though...sometimes it does get confusing. :/ I will be honest. There are HUNDREDS of great people out there (men, women, trans people etc.) And seeing the same qualities in this guy, can cause me to see the same qualities in this girl. Not everyone is the same BUT, I guess it just boils down to the person who makes you feel the most amazing with and someone you can finally call amazing :) To me, being with a guy, is the same as being with a girl or whoever else. Doesn't matter :)

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Welcome to the wonderful world of physical attraction sans gender boundaries! It is a delightful place to exist! I love giving pleasure, whether it be to a woman, a man, or any sort of transgender, and some of my most incredible sexual experiences have been those involving both men AND women, simultaneously!! It took me about 48 years of living to come to the realization that I no longer wanted to be bound by traditional gender roles, and I am now embracing my new lifestyle wholeheartedly. It is so nice to find someone who has made that same discovery so early in life, so that YOU need not struggle and suffer as long as I did. Best of luck to you in your journey through life!