Pansexual, And Proud

I think i was born Pansexual! I mean ive known i was since i was really little. I believe was Pansexual in the womb =P
I remember when i first told my friends and my mother.. of course it made are relationships either fall apart or get closer. I never regretted telling anyone, i tell everyone when i first meet them because its important to me for everyone to know since its who i am/part of me.

Sometimes i wish everyone was Pansexual no-one saw gender, that people liked you for your personality not your gender or looks, etc. but then everyone would be the same in some kind of way and it just wouldn't work out to well i suppose.

Anyway im proud to be Pansexual, im proud to shout it out loud to the world because its who i am and that will never change<3i
SenselessDreaming SenselessDreaming
18-21, F
May 13, 2012