My Journey

I was born in a Female body, not understanding gender roles like everyone else. At age 7 me and a girl played House and she was the husband and I the wife and we kissed, not knowing that in the "norm" society's view two girls kissing is unacceptable. My first relationship was with a boy who was so kind and gentle that I and many friends would joke and say that I had the pants in the relationship. He was and still is my best friend. The romantic relationship didn't last but our friendship got stronger once we both titled ourselves as BI. This of course was during our High school years. By college I than titled myself as a Lesbian. I started dating this person who was born in a female body who later on in our relationship told me she was born with the wrong gender. I was supportive of that and than I realized that I was someone who loved a person personality rather than physical appearance or gender. Like my mother always said "You can love who ever you want as long as they treat you well". I chose to love a person for what they have on the inside and how they make me feel. ^_^
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