I Felt So Lost

Almost all my life I knew I was different. I realized quite young that I liked females as well as males. It was something that seemed normal to me. As I got older I identified as being bisexual. I later realized that the term bisexual didn't really descirbe me. I was attracted to people who didn't identify as male or female, be they transgender, genderqueer, bigender etc.. I just saw them as people and realized I love people. If someone can connect with me and love me for who I am, that's all that matters. Everyone needs and deserves love. Knowing that though made me feel a little confused because it was hard explaing to people. I really had no way of saying what I was, though we shouldn't really have to label who we are. Then I heard about the term pansexual and I decided to read about it. It really made sense to me and I didn't feel so lost anymore.

This is really the first time I have wrote about this. I have talked a little to friends online and told them I am Pansexual, but no one in my real life knows. I'm not quite sure how to bring it up or if it really needs to be talked about.
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My personal exp is almost the same. Only I have never even come close to telling anyone who knows me IRL.

I haven't told anyone IRL either.. I don't have the courage.

I know how you feel. I hope that in the future people are more excepting. If you ever want someone who is in a similar boat to talk to. By all means feel free to chat with me. It's nice to have someone non judgmental to chat with.

Yes, it is. I'll keep it in mind, Thank you.

As far as sharing it with people you know face-to-face, I'd say just play it by ear. Very few people in my real life know I'm heteroflexible/bi, but that isn't because I hide it. Most people just don't need to know.

I'm another that believes everyone is deserving of love, I just also recognize that (at least in a sexual standpoint) I'm not the one to always supply that love. That belief is why I have a tattoo of the poly-infinity heart symbol of Polyamory. Love is infinite and needs to be shared.

i just found out what pansexual is and i realized that thats what i am. i never really knew till someone explained it to me. i agree with you, we shouldnt have to put a label us for other people

I know, so do I.

I wish that more people felt like you do.