So, I Read This The Other Day:

"Why Pansexual and Bisexual are not the same thing
To assert that pan and bi are the same thing is to assert that there are only two genders and/or sexes to possibly be attracted to. This is incorrect. Many people fall outside of the gender binary (e.g. genderqueer, agendered), and some people have ambigious birth-assigned sexes."

It doesn't end there, but what i want to say is about this part.
I thought I was pansexual because I like people, and I never care about sex or gender. I don't really like this thing I read, because I don't want to know how many genders or sexes are, people should just be people, not woman, man, or who knows how many things more. We're all the same. Stop using labels or flags for everything, just be yourself, be human, as we all are.

And sorry if I have really bad english, but I tried my best xD
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4 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I agree with you, there is so much hate and prejudice in the world, even within the LGBT community itself.

I define being pansexual is that I'm attracted to the heart, not the body part.

Thanks for sharing, I love it! :) This is exactly my feelings on the matter. Absolute rejection of the "system" and just being who you are. I have an interesting point though - if following systems is something you do, because it's not part of who you are to create new things or reject norms etc., then perhaps identifying yourself as a woman, and behaving like one, might just be considered as who you are... I didn't quite get my head around what I wanted to say there, but .. hope you deciphered the message ;)

I agree with you completely! Just be human...