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i always thought there was something different about me since i was in third grade but i was only a kid so i ignored it and hated myself in 7th grade because i hade a crush on my best friend who was a girl but she was dating someone already(a girl), that summer i confessed my fealings for her and said she didn't need to reply because i just needed to let it out. in 8th grade and exsept myself and not soon after my friends girlfriend cheated on her so they broke up. she asked my out and said she liked me more than her ex girlfriend and my friend became my girlfriend later that day she told me she wanted a sex change and i didn't mind i said "your perfect the way you are but i will stay with you no matter what you do" she hugged me and now we have a undescribable relationship
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It just sounds like a very honest and loving relationship and that's all that matter x

I´m really happy for you, it´s not very common to find young girls like you who act so mature and openminded. There is a lot of people out the like sick123 who are full of hate and resentment. I hope you and your boyfriend continue on having a beautiful relationship.Good luck!

Dont listen to the idiot below. I'm glad you found someone:) Be true to yourself and don't repress your sexualty. If you ever need anyone to talk to im here<3

if u run out of human sexes, u can try dogs and cats... even sqiralls, rats... their sex behaviors r different which may Arouse u