I Want Your Input.

So the way I see sexuality is I think rather odd. But I want to see what others think. To me sexuality, physical anatomy, and sexual identity are sliding scales. For example, for sexuality:
On the one side of the scale you have Gay that is to say someone attracted to the same gender exclusively. I will call this extreme of the scale -10. Someone who has never been curious and just likes the opposite gender would be a 10. Someone who was attracted to both genders equally would be a 0.

But this is not the end of the story because the total spectrum of sexuality is not reliant on just gender. But in steed the combination of physical and emotional gender identity. So if say your anatomy and your internal identity were both male you fall on one extreme. If your identity were female and your anatomy were female you are on the other end of the spectrum. How ever with all things on a scale you may find yourself in one or another middles.

So if you have these 3 sliding scales. They as a total give you your sexual identity.  I am personally surprised at how few people don't fall in the more odd categories. I will use myself as an example.  I slightly prefer women to men, however FTM transsexuals are as attractive as women to me even though they are men.  

I also believe that we need to change the way we talk about men and women.  I think we need to talk more about humans and less about genders.

These are my thoughts what are yours?
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I personally hate the spectrum because I'm Pansexual. My identity expands along the whole spectrum in my opinion but i completely understand what your saying. I believe that people get stuck on this spectrum and feel as though they have to live up to it in all aspects when they really should just be who they are and love it. I would love if the spectrum just didn't exist anymore.

I strongly agree with your perspective.
These are my thoughts, why busy our lives with worrying about what gender a person is in order to love them?... This makes absolutely no logical sense in my mind.

Currently I'm in a relationship with a male. However, he reminds me of a gentle and kind woman who is very compassionate. Why? Because I find him very woman-like. He is often mistaken as a woman, and not because he cross-dresses in public, but because I think even strangers notice this aura about him. And he is never offended when anyone calls him "ma'am" simply because he doesn't find to be confused as a female to be a negative connotation.

I believe the reason why so many societies in the world focus on what gender they should be attracted to is simply due religious beliefs, believing that manipulation of gender identity, or gender roles, is considered to be rather taboo, and is also viewed as a line that should not be crossed by non-comformists.

However, non-conformists and unconventional people will never settle for what society finds to be acceptable.

I appreciate your well though out response. Thank you.