Pansexuality Issuses :/

So, I recently came out to my best friends tellin them about my sexuality an being pan both sexual orientation and romantically. Well, first they asked what it was and if that really was an actuall orientation. Then after I explained it to them they were like "oh that sounds like me" even though I know they are just bi. I feel like they are just taking the label upon themselves just to make themselves stand out among the crowd. Most people don't even know that I like girls much less anyone of any gender, sexuality, gender identity or other, I really don't care. People just really don't understand what it is like to be a pansexual it is just so frustrating. So, I got with someone who really knows what it feels like to be told that their sexual orientation doesn't exist, an asexual! And she is beautiful <3 and panromantic, and I love her.

This was my story thank you for reading ^^
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The most frustrating thing is when people confuse pansexuality with bisexuality. I've seen some people label themselves pan but then say they have a lean to this or that. To me, it seems like they are just bisexuals trying to make themselves seem different or they are bisexuals who don't quite understand what a pansexual is.

I know the feeling, and then the bisexuals that don't even think about the other gender areas, gender queer, trans, etc, they don't understand that attraction towards those particular idividuals is a part of pansexuality and they just don't understand that!

I am very happy for you. :)

Thank you :)

I am friends with a lot of gays, lesbians, a few bisexuals and straight people, but the person who understands my sexuality the most if my friend that is queer. pansexuality is very hard for others to get but mostly because they don't know it exists. Im pansexual and have been out a little more than a year at school. honestly it doesn't seem to get any easier to explain it all depends on the person listening and if they're willing to learn lol. Thanks for writing this.

No no, thank you for writing your comment, it is indeed very difficult to explain it to the many idividuals that are just curious, they don't really understand. But one day maybe we won't have to explain about pansexuality, because everyone knows it and no one cares that I a day I have been dreaming of, so, just keep doing what you do and dream :D (xD my deep comment it's what I do when I wake up in morning)

I love your comment because what is life with out a dream to get you through.