When I Realized I Was Pansexual..

I found myself being attracted to mare than just guys at age 13 maybe 14. Too scared to tell my friends and family I stayed "in the closet" for three or four years. Occasionally making special connections with girls. When I met this "girl," that for privacy purposes we will call, Brenna on Meetme.com, I instantly knew I had to do some search. Because I was not bisexual. She was third gender and honestly gorgeous. So after weeks and week searching and reading up on all of the sexualities I found this small 24 follower site about pansexuality. Thank the good lord I found that site!! Because it answered so many unknown questions, made me more confident and encouraged me to come out of the "closet!"
adamssydney33 adamssydney33
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013