My Pilot Story

I am a floater. I try to be kind to anyone who is kind to me. I never had a best friend until my junior year in high school- *Zoey*.

Once senior year rolled around I realized I had developed feelings towards her. A stronger love than one may feel towards a best friend. Nothing physical really. At times Id crave her arms holding me or sometimes id imagine us making out. But the majority of my feelings were strixtly emotional. Long story short, I feared I would lose her as a friend if she knew. We are still fairly close. I see her during college breaks...

I wanted to get as far away from home without paying for out of state tuition, so I applied for a school in Southern WV and was accepted. I went to an open house and fell in love. The beauty in the natural setting, and the kindness, closeness and southern hospitality really drew me in like a moth to a flame. I decided to go there majoring in Early Childhood Special Education.

My junior year, I met *Jasmine* (not using real names for protection, so I named her after the Disney princess... because to me,she is a princess...with a southern accent of course) I had always felt so nervous around new people, but she was so open and so was like I was looking into the eyes of a ghost of how I used to be. She is funny and a genius when it comes to math and science. Of course I come to her aid when she needs help with English ;) We were so alike, but she was the upgraded version. This newfound comfort level drew me to her. We chatted some over the summer over facebook and then bam, the fall semester came.

Every Wednesday, the Applebee's near our school has a karaoke night. Jasmine had made plans with one of her many flings at the time, Victoria, but I had convinced her to come with me and a few of our mutual friends. I am rather awkward around people, but one of my secret talents is singing, and I saw it as a great opportunity to impress my new friend and if the conversation at the table, ran dry, I could resort to taking a few bites of chicken tenders until I could come up with something cool to say.

Jasmine was planning to meet up with Victoria afterwards for a frisky evening, but her plans fell through because we had to wait so long for my turn to sing "Dirty Diana". I told her Id make it up to her by having a sleepover in her room. She was a resident assistant and had a room to herself. We could stay up and play video games and watch cheap movies as late as we wanted...She took me up on that offer.

When we finally went to bed at 5am, we were in somewhat of a spooned position, I, being a mere 5 foot tall, was little spoon. And then something strange developed within me. I had a strong urge to grab her hand and wrap in around my waste. I hesitated and thought about it for what seemed like hours. Finally I took the risk and did so. Instead of drawing back like I had feared, Jasmine then happily embraced me.

That is where it all began.
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I loved reading your story (I read Part 2 as well), you write with great detail which is very admirable. I'm kind of dealing with telling a girl that I have fallen for her. But, I'm not the only one. My significant other has fallen for her as well. We want a triad.

very nice story :)

I long for that embrace so hard to come by.

Whats. Pansexual

Pansexual essentially means I have the ability to fall in love with anyone, no matter if it is a man or woman.

Oh would you like man or women more? :)